What type of boys are you into?

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    What would he look like?

    • Pale, dark eyes and dark hair.
    • Outstanding eyes, great body, tanned.
    • Tall, blue eyes, blonde hair and tanned.
    • Any type really, as long as they are decent looking to me.
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    What’s his attitude towards girls?

    • He blushes and he’s all shy.
    • He acts normally but still flirts.
    • He seriously could not give a crap
    • He gives them his killer smile and charms them.
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    What describes him best?

    • Funny, chill.
    • Loyal, kind.
    • Stubborn, arrogant.
    • Easily annoyed and grumpy
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    If he were to take you out on a date, he would take you-

    • At his house, homemade, candlelit dinner with roses and wine.
    • Typical dinner and a movie at the cinemas.
    • To dinner at an expensive restaurant.
    • Picnic up on a hill, gazing at the stars on the back of his pickup truck.
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    What would he do in his spare time?

    • Read a book.
    • Go to friends house.
    • Play sports.
    • Parties.
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    In class what would he most likely do?

    • Talk to his friends messing around.
    • Sit there in his phone ignoring everyone.
    • Stay quiet and do his work.
    • You’re not in his class.
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    Is he a-

    • Popular, sporty jock.
    • Typical teenage boy.
    • Player.
    • Bad boy.
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    When you talk to him, where do you look at?

    • His lips
    • His jawline.
    • At his eyes.
    • His toned arms.
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    Do you like it when he-

    • Smile at you while giving you a admiring stare.
    • Stare right into your eyes.
    • Look at your body.
    • Don’t look at you much at all.
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    If you got together he would-

    • Still flirt with girls.
    • Doesn’t really care about you
    • Look at other girls but still looks at you.
    • Look at you and you only.
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    If it was your birthday he would buy you a….

    • Say happy birthday and he you a card
    • A necklace with a special meaning to it.
    • A romantic card.
    • Expensive Gucci bag.
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    Do you prefer –

    • Not that rich but sweet, funny and awesome.
    • Nerdy and all about hitting the books.
    • A guy with a expensive car and all the luxuries, but still a sweetheart.
    • Doesn’t have much to give but he is giving his all to you.
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    What’s his transportation?

    • Walking
    • His motorbike.
    • Buses
    • His luxurious car.
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    What kind of people does he hang out with?

    • His squad of the well knows hot boys
    • His close guy friend.
    • A mix on girls and boys.
    • He socialises with everyone.
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    Last question 😉

    • None
    • 1 serious relationship and that’s it.
    • 1-5 not serious
    • He doesn’t have girlfriends. It’s just hook ups.

What is your ‘type’ of boy?

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