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Relationships with adult children

Around 80-90% of older Americans have grown children, and pretty much the same number seems to enjoy their company and have had a positive experience. As much as the elders cherish their relationships they also wish to be independent which involves living in their own homes instead of living with their children.  This need goes to the extent of them preferring living in an institution over living with their grown children. Their good and positive experience holds true when they have good health and common interests and share similar political views. They have had negative and bad experiences in cases where there is either a health issue or any other family problem.

One of the major causes of elderly abuse is neglect which often takes place in form of avoiding food, medications or because of incapability of providing proper living and hygienic conditions for one to live in.  Physical abuse and verbal abuse both are the result of such negligence. According to the survey around 5% of older Americans are abused each year in either of the above mentioned ways.

It can even occur in institutions and elderly homes but often takes place at homes of their children or grandchildren usually because they have less agency there. The victim is usually the one with poor health and with lack of ability to look after self. The victims of such abuse require treatment but the ones who engages in such abuse require therapy which will ensure the safety and security of the elderly victim. According to the law it is necessary to report such cases of elderly abuse to the authorities.

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  • Question of

    When you’re on the prowl, where do you go?

    • The club
    • A hipster lounge
    • The bar
    • Wherever I can throw my money around
  • Question of

    How do you get the attention of your prey?

    • Wear tight clothes
    • Smile from across the room
    • Act shy
    • Buy them a drink
  • Question of

    When a young man offers to buy you a drink, what do you say?

    • I’d love one!
    • I already have a drink, but you can sit down.
    • I’m not drinking tonight.
    • How about I buy you a drink instead?
  • Question of

    What are you looking for?

    • One night of fun
    • A good conversation and a little play time
    • Comfort and fun
    • Someone to spoil
  • Question of

    What is your drink of choice?

    • Beer
    • Dry Martini
    • Something fruity
    • Whiskey
  • Question of

    What do you wear when you go hunting?

    • Tight clothes that show off cleavage and my legs
    • Something classy and sexy
    • Something to show off my butt
    • Expensive jewelry and shoes
  • Question of

    What color are you wearing?

    • Black mostly
    • Navy blue with gold accents
    • Denim and green
    • Any bright colors
  • Question of

    Do you like men to approach you, or do you like to approach men?

    • Men approach me. It makes me feel sexy.
    • Men approach me. I don’t even try to approach them.
    • I approach men. I’d like to pick my prey.
    • I approach men. I like to begin the conversation.
  • Question of

    How often do you go out on the prowl?

    • Once a week
    • Once a month
    • Twice a week
    • Whenever I need something
  • Question of

    How often do you take men home/go home with men?

    • About 10% of the time
    • About 30% of the time
    • About 50% of the time
    • Closer to 100% of the time
  • Question of

    How many people are in your group when you go out?

    • Just me and a couple friends
    • Just me and one friend
    • I always have a large group for support.
    • I go alone, but I don’t leave alone.
  • Question of

    Do you wear nylons?

    • Yes. They hide the cellulite.
    • No. My legs are perfect.
    • Yes. They hide the veins.
    • No. I like men to see my natural legs.
  • Question of

    How much did your shoes cost?

    • Under $10
    • Over $100
    • Around $50
    • Over $1,000
  • Question of

    Do you keep the numbers of the guys you close?

    • Yes. Just in case.
    • Only for about a month.
    • No. I’m not going to call them.
    • Just the ones I want to see again.
  • Question of

    Are you willing to date older men and give up your cougar status?

    • If it feels right
    • No, but I will have conversations with them.
    • I don’t want to date.
    • No. They aren’t any fun.

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