What type of Cougar are you?

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    When you’re on the prowl, where do you go?

    • The club
    • A hipster lounge
    • The bar
    • Wherever I can throw my money around
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    How do you get the attention of your prey?

    • Wear tight clothes
    • Smile from across the room
    • Act shy
    • Buy them a drink
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    When a young man offers to buy you a drink, what do you say?

    • I’d love one!
    • I already have a drink, but you can sit down.
    • I’m not drinking tonight.
    • How about I buy you a drink instead?
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    What are you looking for?

    • One night of fun
    • A good conversation and a little play time
    • Comfort and fun
    • Someone to spoil
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    What is your drink of choice?

    • Beer
    • Dry Martini
    • Something fruity
    • Whiskey
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    What do you wear when you go hunting?

    • Tight clothes that show off cleavage and my legs
    • Something classy and sexy
    • Something to show off my butt
    • Expensive jewelry and shoes
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    What color are you wearing?

    • Black mostly
    • Navy blue with gold accents
    • Denim and green
    • Any bright colors
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    Do you like men to approach you, or do you like to approach men?

    • Men approach me. It makes me feel sexy.
    • Men approach me. I don’t even try to approach them.
    • I approach men. I’d like to pick my prey.
    • I approach men. I like to begin the conversation.
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    How often do you go out on the prowl?

    • Once a week
    • Once a month
    • Twice a week
    • Whenever I need something
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    How often do you take men home/go home with men?

    • About 10% of the time
    • About 30% of the time
    • About 50% of the time
    • Closer to 100% of the time
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    How many people are in your group when you go out?

    • Just me and a couple friends
    • Just me and one friend
    • I always have a large group for support.
    • I go alone, but I don’t leave alone.
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    Do you wear nylons?

    • Yes. They hide the cellulite.
    • No. My legs are perfect.
    • Yes. They hide the veins.
    • No. I like men to see my natural legs.
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    How much did your shoes cost?

    • Under $10
    • Over $100
    • Around $50
    • Over $1,000
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    Do you keep the numbers of the guys you close?

    • Yes. Just in case.
    • Only for about a month.
    • No. I’m not going to call them.
    • Just the ones I want to see again.
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    Are you willing to date older men and give up your cougar status?

    • If it feels right
    • No, but I will have conversations with them.
    • I don’t want to date.
    • No. They aren’t any fun.

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