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    First of all, what do you like to wear?

    • I enhance my curves with small bikinis and dresses that show off all off my rolls
    • Everything must be black, band merch (only bands like MCR though) and ripped skinny jeans.
    • A true brony only wears the finest MLP merch.
    • Why are you asking what I look like when you could see my ocs!
    • I like to wear anime cosplay and look kawaii!
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    What do you like to do?

    • Draw all of my ocs and make up more things for my au!
    • Listen to MCR, Complain a lot and write angsty song lyrics/stories/poetry
    • Go to KFC and protest against the skinny, fat phobic people”
    • Catch up on MLP and collect the finest merchandise
    • Watch SUGOI anime and read manga!
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    Are you single or taken?

    • Love always ends in death or heartbreak so what’s the point?
    • I love anime so much that I have no more feelings for real people desu~~~
    • *Kisses Twilight Sparkle body pillow* I’m taken 😉
    • My OC is paired up with my favourite character!
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    What negative things do people say about you?

    • They say I’m “fat” or “obese” or “unhealthy” but health is just a myth!
    • They call my OCS Mary Sues.
    • They say I’m not really Japanese! BAKAS!
    • They think they know me but they don’t understand… nobody understands….
    • They say I should stop watching a kids show and go outside for once! How do they think I get to the brony convention?
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    What do you do with your friends?

    • We watch MLP together and discuss which pony is the most attractive 😉
    • We watch anime and read manga! My friends are so SUGOI!
    • We draw our ocs and plan our au
    • We protest and eat McDonalds
    • We listen to bands and swap stories about how bad our lives are.
  • Question of

    Which word do you like most?

    • Pegasus
    • Angst
    • Kawaii!
    • Big Mac
    • Deviantart!
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    What would you change your name to?

    • My ocs name which is a longer and cooler version of my name!
    • My name but gender neutral so people don’t assume my gender!
    • My pony ocs name of course
    • Something dark like Raven or Lucifer to match my soul
    • Something kawaii like Kokoro which leans love or heart or something… I don’t know but it’s a sugoi name!
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    What’s one thing you want?

    • To tour with all off my favourite bands! (MCR FOB PTV P! ATD SWS BVB BMTH LINKIN PARK ETC)
    • To become a real life alicorn with my own cutie mark
    • For all skinny people to die and for everything to be made for plus sized people.
    • To be in my favourite anime desu~~~~~~~
    • For my AU to become canon!
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    What does your room look like?

    • An array of limited edition MLP figures and my beautiful girlfriend and body pillow, Twilight
    • All of my anime and manga and loads of kawaii anime merch!
    • All my drawings and art supplies are everywhere!
    • Black everything with band posters everywhere and a large pile of black clothes, eyeliner and CDs
    • Food wrappers are everywhere and it’s a mess because cleaning = exercise
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    Three words to describe yourself?

    • Artistic, creative, original
    • Sugoi, kawaii, desu
    • Brony, gentleman, superior
    • Curvy, PC, activist
    • Dark, miserable, misunderstood

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