What Type Of Guy Are You Looking For?

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    What color is his hair?

    • Black/ Brown
    • Orange (Redhead)
    • Red (dyed)
    • Blonde (dirty blonde, platinum blonde, etc.)
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    What color are his eyes?

    • Brown or Black (black eyes are very dark brown eyes)
    • Blue or Grey
    • Green
    • Hazel
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    What type of haircut does he have?

    • Long and Curly
    • Long and Straight
    • Messy, but still attractive (average length; straight or curly)
    • Nice and Clean (short; straight or curly)
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    Does he have freckles?

    • No
    • Barely (maybe 5-8 of them)
    • Yes (around average amount)
    • Yes, but a lot (all over)
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    What’s his eye shape?

    • Thin Eyes
    • Hooded Eyes
    • Almond Eyes
    • Round Eyes
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    Does he have piercings?

    • No
    • Yes, (Lip or Eyebrow; multiple)
    • Yes (Ear or Lip; only one)
    • Yes (Ear, Lip, or Eyebrow; multiple)
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    Does he have tattoos?

    • Yes (a sleeve or more)
    • Yes (6-8 of them)
    • No
    • Yes (1-5 of them)
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    What’s his style? (His apparel)

    • Bright and Surprising
    • Dark and Rebellious
    • Bright and Lively
    • Dark and Mysterious
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    Does he usually wear a hat, hood, or anything similar?

    • Yes (Hood)
    • No
    • Yes (Baseball cap)
    • Yes (Beanie)
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    How does he dress for special occasions?

    • Dark jeans and a white, button down shirt
    • A plain, black suit (like Barney’s from the show How I Met Your Mother)
    • A nice shirt, nice pants, nice vest, and a tie (either one)
    • Nice pants, nice shirt, and a tie (not a bow tie)
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    What type of music does he listen to?

    • Alternative
    • Rock/ Metal
    • Pop
    • Hip Hop
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    What type of people does he hang out with?

    • The nerdy/ geeky group
    • The popular/ in crowd group
    • Usually by himself
    • The tough/ rebellious group
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    What is his attitude to other people besides his group (if he has one)?

    • Nice, Sweet and Silly
    • Sweet, Nice, and Confident
    • Rude and Disrespectful [But at times can show another side. (Sweet and Caring.)]
    • Shy and Rude
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    How does he treat you?

    • Like a queen
    • With respect, but still a little mysterious.
    • With respect and love
    • Like a best friend, but with something more between the two of you.
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    How is he towards his parents?

    • Best friends with parents
    • Polite and business like
    • Don’t talk much
    • Ignores them and shuts them out
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    What does he get you for your birthday?

    • A whole day where you do whatever you want together
    • Something expensive (Jewelry, Clothing, etc.)
    • Something homemade (from the heart)
    • A mix tape
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    What at is your ideal dream date?

    • A concert
    • A fancy dinner at a very nice/ expensive restaurant
    • A night at the club
    • A day and/ or night of talking and hanging out at the park
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    What would his IQ be?

    • High
    • A little lower than average, but working harder to get a higher IQ
    • Right in the middle if average and high
    • Average
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    If you went to the movies, what genre of movies would you go and see?

    • Romance
    • Comedy
    • Action
    • Horror
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    What’s his favorite movie?

    • Notorious
    • Blackfish
    • The Blob (Original)
    • 21 Jump Street

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