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    You and this guy have been flirting all night – then you overhear he has a girlfriend! What first comes to mind?

    • “Ugh! I never end up talking to guys like that. I guess I better go apologize. I don’t tolerate this stuff! No wonder I didn’t used to go to bars!”
    • “Haha, I’m not surprised. I’m cuter than she is, anyway. Why bother with a guy like that, though? That’s not good for the chakras”
    • “I’m not going to cause a scene. I guess I’ll just go tell him that I really thought he was cute, but his little schemes made me lose respect for him. If the girl says anything, I’ll apologize and say I had no idea.”
    • “Oh yeah? Well, I bet I can get him to like me more!”
    • “Aww, that sucks. He was totally hot. I better go tell her! What an ass!”
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    What type of pickup lines do you hear most often?

    • “Well, hey there! I remember you, NAME. You look really beautiful, and I can’t believe we agree on like, everything! Can I have your number?”
    • “Hey there, sweetness, can I buy you a drink?” *Winks*
    • “Hello there, NAME. It’s nice seeing you! I loved that project you did on the conflict in Syria. The analysis was brilliant!”
    • They don’t say anything, they just blush
    • “Mmm, yeah, shorty. You lookin’ fine, girl!”
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    Which of these female celebrities do you admire most?

    • Lorde or Taylor Swift
    • Nicki Minaj
    • Angelina Jolie or Brooke Shields
    • J-Lo or Pink
    • Shakira
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    Picture your dream wedding. Which sounds the closest to it?

    • I haven’t thought much about it. I know my dress has to be in-style. The ceremony should be grand with lots of love coming from all sides. It’s a union of families, too, so there should be tons to do!
    • I want a princess wedding at a beautiful venue! There should be lots of food, and family should be there. My best friends will be my bridesmaids and my dress will be ballgown style. I even have a theme picked out!
    • I want it to be spent with lots of close family and friends. I want to wear cowgirl boots/Jordans under my dress. Dad has to pay for it to be great!
    • Either in Vegas or eloping somewhere, without the family. I don’t need a ceremony, I just want excitement!
    • I want a glamorous wedding at an immaculate venue! Everyone has to be dressed to the nines and I want there to be some publicity. I love my man and everyone should know!
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    Which sounds like the ideal first date?

    • Hmm…maybe bowling or jogging. Or playing video games. Who cares, as long as we’re together?
    • A movie. I might fool around with him a little if he’s really lucky!
    • At a posh restaurant ordering posh food. He has to prove that he can care for me, so I’m testing him!
    • Hot, steamy, and passionate – I don’t know where or when, he’s got to fall in love with all of this!
    • Out to lunch! I’ll charm him now and test him out, so if I like him, I can make the second date special
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    You just met a new guy and he seems really cool! You have a date at 5 p.m., but on your way there, your best friend calls. She needs someone to pick her up. She’s broken down on the side of the road. What do you do?

    • Call someone else to go get your friend. That’s what connections are for, right?
    • Immediately turn around. Call the date and sincerely apologize as you keep the tow truck guy on hold
    • Text him you’re sorry, and go get her
    • Remind her several times that you had to do a lot of manipulating to get this date, and you’re not letting her ruin that!
    • Sisters before misters!
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    From the songs listed, which one is your favorite?

    • Team by Lorde
    • Dark Horse by Katy Perry
    • Glamorous by Fergie
    • Bedrock by Young Money
    • Waka Waka by Shakira
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    Which are your priorities in life, in order?

    • Family, men, money, fame
    • Money, fame, family, men
    • Family, money, men, fame
    • Men, money, family, fame
    • Family, men, money, fame
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    Which sounds like your typical daytime outfit?

    • A tight dress or polo shirt and shorts. Flats or heels. Makeup is a must!
    • A sweet summer dress or an outfit that’s my favorite style! Clothes are self-expression!
    • Shorts or tight jeans, a crop top, cute sandals or heels, hoop earrings
    • A t-shirt, jeans, and a ponytail. I already know I’m cute
    • A perfectly planned outfit with awesome shoes and accessories
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    What kind of student were you in school?

    • I was lazy/got in trouble a lot. Whoops!
    • I followed what the teacher told me to and did OK, but I didn’t try my best
    • I was quiet and did everything well. Sometimes I got the nerds to do me some favors
    • I wasn’t perfect, but I tried my best and got along well with both the students and the teachers
    • I did everything perfectly because I had to be the best, or Mom and Dad would kill me!
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    Finally, briefly describe your perfect guy.

    • A guy who’s handsome and charming. He doesn’t have to be a genius, but we need passion!
    • I want a teammate who loves me for who I am. I want someone whom I can support and be supported by in return. He must love and respect me. I don’t play games
    • A guy who can take care of me financially and improve my career, while giving me the love I need
    • A guy who runs the town. I want him to be the top of the line and make money, but still wife me up
    • Someone who accepts me and will support me in tough times
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    What style does your ideal boyfriend/husband have?

    • I like spunky guys. I also have a thing for the “rough” look. Tattoos and piercings turn me on! I also like flashy jewelry and pimped-out cars. Anything that will piss off my dad, really
    • I don’t really care what he wears as long as he understands me and treats me well
    • For the most part, I don’t care what he wears. As long as he impresses his superiors and the public with his own individual style, I’m good. I want to be impressed. T-shirts with a cause/organization name are hot
    • Anything that’s in style is cool. I’d say more like a frat boy look. Polos and dock shoes are hot
    • I only like the best! There’s nothing sexier than a guy with slicked back hair, minty fresh breath and a Rolex watch, who’s drenched in Burberry!
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    Describe your relationship with the last guy you dated/ liked/hooked up with.

    • He was very popular and wealthy. He took me places and bought me gifts, but I didn’t feel like much of a priority. Not to mention, there wasn’t much spark, either. Next!
    • He was a wonderful guy and we got along great, but life got in the way. We did love each other, though. We treated each other well and were a healthy couple with lots of spark! (If the affair lasted less than 4 months, choose “B”)
    • He was a great guy all in all, but there was something missing. He really cared about me and treated me like a princess, but I just didn’t want him
    • He was obsessed with money/women/drugs. He had a rough life to start out with and I wasn’t sure if there was a way out. I often found him scavenging for money, and I did a lot more favors for him than he did for me
    • It was quick; our encounters lasted less than two weeks. (Passionate or not.) He has a new girl now, or will soon
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    What are you most likely to be doing alone on a Saturday night?

    • In public somewhere, where I end up flirting with a guy or two. No biggie
    • Scrolling through social media
    • Hanging out with a few close friends, either at the mall, relaxing, or working on some sort of project and celebrating afterward
    • Staying home, playing video games, reading, or watching reruns of The Big Bang Theory
    • Attending a party or other function at the last minute. I can’t just sit around and waste a Saturday night!
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    Which of these male protagonists do you like best?

    • Bender from “The Breakfast Club”
    • Jack Dawson from “Titanic”
    • Jay Gatsby from “The Great Gatsby”
    • Peter Parker from “Spiderman”
    • Magic Mike from “Magic Mike”
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    What kind of guy did you like most in high school?

    • The class clown who usually defied the teacher
    • The wealthiest boy with the best parties. He noticed me and we dated! (LOL at you, bitches!)
    • I liked the popular boys, but they never noticed me/we were just friends
    • My best guy friend. He was sweet and never played games
    • The guy every other girl liked

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