What Type of Guy Do I Like?

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    It’s your first date…where do you go?

    • Picnic in the park, at night
    • Doesn’t matter…as long as I’m with him, it’ll be PERFECT!
    • He’d take me up to the top of a hill. We’d watch the sun set and do some stargazing, while eating chocolate-covered strawberries and sipping champagne
    • Dinner and a movie – it’s a cliché, but it’s romantic!
    • LASER TAG!
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    You see your man with another woman – what do you do?

    • KILL HIM! If I’m not good enough for him, then he doesn’t need anything
    • KILL HER! She must have seduced him – can’t she see the tan line on his ring finger?
    • Go home and cry – our relationship clearly doesn’t mean anything to him:(
    • Talk to him – maybe it’s his sister
    • REBOUND!
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    How would your perfect partner propose?

    • On Christmas with my family. They need to be in on this special moment!
    • During the Super Bowl! Mid-game, my team is winning, and he pops the question!
    • A surprise wedding – no proposal, just a wedding, ’cause he knows I’d say YES!
    • He’d take me back to the place we had our first date, recreate the evening and just change the ending to a proposal!
    • During a commercial in The Big Bang Theory
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    It’s your anniversary – how do you celebrate?

    • Have a makeout session
    • I’d come home from work and find my partner in a suit in the living room. There would be rose petals everywhere, glasses of champagne on the table, a turkey in the oven and our song playing on the CD player
    • Go on a safari!
    • He’d take me in his arms, kiss me and put on Disney Channel!
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    The guy who likes you likes…

    • Why – do you like him, too? I will fight you for him!
    • I’m forgetting why I took this quiz
    • Is running for president
    • Art, romance and Disney anything
    • Basketball, football, tennis, badminton, hockey – my man is a total jock
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    Who’s your favorite TV character?

    • Winnie the Pooh
    • Sharpay from High School Musical
    • Caleb from Pretty Little Liars
    • Deeks from NCIS Los Angeles
    • That guy from that show….I can’t remember….
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    Opinions on open marriage?

    • He cheated on me, so clearly he’s OK with it. Now, where’s his brother’s number?
    • NO WAY, NEVER!
    • I’d have to talk it over with my partner
    • Marriage isn’t about that – it’s about love, so what the heck?
    • What’s open marriage?
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    What’s your idea of romance?

    • We are playing in a LASER TAG tournament. I’m five games in and surrounded…my date runs over and saves me. We are the last two contestants and he just drops the gun. I can still see my reflection in the trophy!
    • Watching kids’ shows
    • Candlelight dinner in the park
    • Romance is just for Valentine’s Day
    • He’d take me to my favorite place and shower me with gifts
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    It’s your birthday and your partner hands you a present. Which of these is it most likely to be?

    • A brand-new wardrobe!
    • A scrapbook full of memories – from our first date until now, and a link to a website only we can access, filled with videos of our most amazing moments!
    • A picture of himself, signed
    • The Christmas present I wanted, but never got!
    • A box of chocolates
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    Your dog just died – how does he comfort you?

    • He gets me a new dog
    • I don’t know – he might be out with Stacey, or Lilly, or Tia – we aren’t exactly exclusive. HEY – he’s captain of the football team! Besides, he’s not allowed to have a girlfriend during football season
    • He takes me to an away game of his football match
    • He makes me a cup of hot cocoa and quietly just listens to me ramble on about my poor dog
    • He tells me it will be all right, then takes me in his arms and we watch Pretty Little Liars. He knows that always makes me feel better

What Kind Of Guy Am I Attracted To?

What type of a guy are you most into?