What Type of Guy is for You?

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    Do you have commitment issues?

    • Not really.
    • It depends.
    • If we’re both all in, no.
    • No way.
    • Kinda…
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    What kind of guys have you dated/crushed on/been in a romantic relationship with in the past?

    • Sweet, but good-looking guys.
    • Very sweet, generous guys.
    • They tend to look like actors.
    • Some really funny guys.
    • It varies, but they all were really attractive.
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    What type of guy would you go for?

    • Fun and preppy
    • Geeky and smart
    • Athletic
    • Daredevil
    • Sweet and shy
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    What color do you prefer?

    • Red
    • Pink
    • Purple
    • Blue
    • Green
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    Where would you want him to take you?

    • Concert
    • Amusement park
    • Romantic dinner
    • Study at the library
    • Sporting event
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    What kind of animal do you like?

    • Snake
    • Dog
    • Horse
    • Gerbil
    • Dolphin
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    What career do you want him to have?

    • Doctor
    • Musician
    • Athlete
    • Business man
    • Artist
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    Where did you meet him?

    • At the library
    • The beach
    • A party
    • An alley
    • At a game
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    What kind of gift did you get from him?

    • Jewelry
    • A book you wanted
    • Chocolate and a big teddy bear
    • Nothing
    • Tickets to a game
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    How would he propose?

    • Hid the ring in your favorite dessert
    • Nervously and trying to find the ring
    • During halftime at a game
    • He or you doesn’t want to get married
    • On a rollercoaster
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    What would you like him to do for you?

    • Help you with homework
    • Work out with you
    • Spend the whole day with you
    • Something illegal
    • Do fun and crazy things
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    What is something you don’t mind about him?

    • Focuses on school most of the time
    • Clingy and emotional
    • Stubborn and rude
    • Checks out other girls
    • Spends more time playing sports
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    What do you notice first about a guy that you are attracted to?

    • His body.
    • His eyes.
    • His personality.
    • His face/facial features.
    • His voice.
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    What quality do you find most important in a man?

    • Kindness/ short-tempered.
    • Generosity/ selflessness.
    • A good sense of humor.
    • Whether he acts like Tobias Eaton or not.
    • How good-looking he is.
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    What kind of relationship are you looking for?

    • Long, but no commitment until we know we are absolutely ready.
    • It doesn’t matter, as long as I get to be with him at all.
    • Long. Married, even.
    • However long we last, which should be pretty long.
    • We’ll cross that bridge when we get to it.
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    If you ever get married to your man, are you planning on establishing a family?

    • Of course, but not too many kiddos.
    • After a couple of years.
    • Doesn’t matter much to me.
    • No kids, but if we had a couple by accident, I wouldn’t mind.
    • However many kids we want whenever want sounds good.
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    What kind of job/occupation/profession would your guy have?

    • He’d probably work at a homeless shelter or something.
    • A model.
    • Whatever he wants, it doesn’t matter to me.
    • Maybe a teacher, the kids would love him.
    • Maybe a football player or a police officer.
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    How would you best describe yourself?

    • A little stubborn, but who isn’t? I feel like I need protection, too.
    • Humorous, loud, creative.
    • Hard to explain, but I know myself.
    • I just don’t know, I’d have to ask someone else.
    • A bit needy, but always in a good mood.
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    How do you feel about pre-marital sex?

    • If we’re both ready, I think it’s fine.
    • I don’t really care.
    • I’ve done it before…
    • Depends on how in love I am with the guy.
    • I’d rather wait until I’m married.
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    What do you think is most necessary in a relationship?

    • A good bond.
    • For us to get along really well, and not bicker.
    • For him to treat me the way I deserve to be treated.
    • Physical attraction.
    • Physical attraction and bond, both.

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