What type of guy is your soulmate?

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    The perfect date night would include which of these activities?

    • Cuddling and watching movies
    • Talking about philosophy at a library
    • Finger painting
    • Going to a bar or a club
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    Your ideal soulmate is similar to which of these Marvel superheroes?

    • Captain America
    • Doctor Strange
    • Spider-Man
    • Iron Man
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    Where is the best place to find the potential soulmate of your dreams?

    • Through mutual friends
    • At work
    • At a random place, like a coffee shop
    • How should I know?
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    How would you feel about your SO hanging out with their best friend (without inviting you along)?

    • Happy, I want them to go out and have fun!
    • A bit annoyed, but it’s whatever.
    • Jealous, why wasn’t I invited?
    • I couldn’t care less.
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    If Valentine’s Day was around the corner, what would you surprise your crush with?

    • Handmade card with a poem inside
    • Bouquet of lovely flowers
    • DIY arts and crafts gift
    • A box of discounted chocolate
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    Is it better for a guy to be totally honest with you, or lie when it’s appropriate?

    • You can never go wrong with honesty.
    • An occasional white lie doesn’t hurt.
    • Sometimes, it’s better for a person to lie about things.
    • I just want a guy to tell me what I want to hear.
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    Would you rather date someone who is super popular or someone who has very few friends?

    • Their social circle wouldn’t affect me.
    • Somewhere in the middle would be ideal for me
    • I prefer dating people who aren’t that popular.
    • Super popular, I want that same social status.
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    Who’s going to pay for dinner tonight: you or him?

    • I’ll be the nice one and pay for us.
    • How about we split the bill?
    • It depends on how high this bill is.
    • They better pay for us!
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    If your soulmate had a man cave, what would you probably find in it?

    • Nothing that’s too “manly”
    • Games, such as a pool table
    • Sports logos everywhere
    • Beer. Lots and lots of beer!
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    Ideally, your soulmate would wake up smelling like …

    • Clean cotton
    • Musk
    • Lemongrass
    • Sandalwood
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    You notice that your SO has been playing video games for the past 5 hours. You then …

    • Ask him if he needs anything
    • Jump in and play games with him
    • Roll my eyes and walk away
    • Tell him that he needs to stop playing video games for now
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    What would you do if your partner started to become more distant from you?

    • Talk to them about what’s going on
    • Take a “break” from the relationship
    • Become more distant from them as well
    • Leave them, I can find someone better anyway.
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    What does it really take to make a relationship work?

    • Love
    • Communication
    • Trust
    • Respect
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    How would you feel about dating a guy who likes to take risks?

    • It depends, what kinds of risks are we talking about?
    • No thanks, he wouldn’t be my type.
    • I wouldn’t mind, as long as he’s smart about them.
    • I would LOVE that!
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    Which of these symbols of love represents your feelings about relationships?

    • Heart
    • Rose
    • Dove
    • Ugh, don’t make me vomit.

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