What type of guy is your type?

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    What would he do each night?

    • He’d just kiss me and fall asleep
    • He would cuddle me in bed
    • He’d text me goodnight
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    Which type of guy do you like the most?

    • Skater
    • Jock
    • Funny, cute
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    What would you two be mostly doing on a weekend?

    • Cuddling on a couch
    • Running some errands together
    • Making out
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    Where would you go for a date?

    • The movies
    • A fancy restaurant
    • The beach
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    Where would he propose?

    • His house
    • The place where you two first met
    • In a restaurant
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    What would he get you for Valentine’s Day?

    • Just a card
    • Chocolates
    • A teddy bear
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    What does he do when you say you don’t want anything for Christmas?

    • He says ‘Okay’ and doesn’t get you anything
    • He won’t ask
    • He secretly still gets you something
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    What does he do when he sees you being bullied?

    • He let’s you get hurt
    • He simply tells the bully to stop
    • He fights the bully
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    Would he make the first move?

    • I don’t really know..?
    • Nah, maybe I would first
    • Yeah
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    Would you care if he was popular or not?

    • Not really
    • Eh.
    • Yeah

What is your ‘type’?

How is your husband going to look like?