What type of guy should you date?

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    Your best friend is at home, sick. What do you do?

    • Call her.
    • Send her an email with a funny video.
    • Make her a get well soon card.
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    At the end of school your mom is outside waiting for you. All of the sudden she yells, ‘Hey, sweetie!’ in front of your friends. You…

    • Hope no one heard her.
    • Are completely humiliated!
    • Reply ‘Hi mommy!’
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    What type of movie would you rather watch with your boyfriend?

    • Horror.
    • Romantic.
    • Funny.
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    What do you like to where the most?

    • A skirt and a flirty top.
    • Something bold that everyone would notice.
    • Jeans and a cute top.
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    What pet do you prefer out of these?

    • Hamster.
    • Cat.
    • Dog.
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    What is your favourite place for a birthday party?

    • The mall.
    • At home.
    • The bowling alley.
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    What do you notice first on a guy?

    • His eyes.
    • His hair.
    • His smile.
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    On a guy what matters the most? Looks or personality?

    • 90% looks. %10 personality.
    • Personality.
    • 50/50.
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    How many friends do you have?

    • A few really great friends.
    • A group of about five people.
    • A lot.
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    Last question: What can you not live without?

    • Love.
    • My cell phone.
    • My iPod.

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