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    Which of these color types are you most attracted to?

    • Dark and minimalist (black, gray, white)
    • Bright and popping (neon, hot pink, highlighter colors)
    • Calming and neutral (earth tones, peach, beiges, browns)
    • Intense and fiery (red, orange, yellow)
    • Soft pastels (baby blues, pinks, ivory, white)
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    Which time of day do you love most, and why?

    • Night, because I’m the most focused and awake at night
    • Noon. When the weather is perfect, I can go outside/I can do my hobbies
    • Evening, so I can watch the sun set and calm my mind
    • Night, so I can hang out with friends and maybe go to a party or a club
    • Morning, so I can drink coffee and chill
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    Which of these categories do you think you fit in best?

    • Passionate/emotional, ambitious, loves traveling and meeting new people, wouldn’t mind living in a foreign country, big dreamer, curious, fierce, compassionate and sometimes paranoid
    • Chic fashion designer, cute, Kawaii merch, Fairy Kei, feminine, loves drawing cute things, dainty, simple, Harajuku
    • Loves parties, social, extremely close to friends, not afraid to flirt, DJ, dancer, singer, actor, playwright, loves having fun and good times
    • Scientist, lawyer, accountant, rock star, songwriter, romance novelist, horror enthusiast, loves anything with a morbid or dark concept, minimalist or aesthete
    • Doodler, free spirit, works non-stressful jobs, aesthete, tea & coffee, relaxation, waitress, cafes, hair stylist, reader, interior designer, into anything mellow
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    Which pet would you love to have more?

    • Cat – they’re cute and chill
    • Dog – they’re fun and active
    • Other / No pet
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    Your fashion style?

    • Cute and chic
    • Dark or minimalistic
    • Preppy, but comfortable
    • Casual and effortless to wear
    • Unique/Anything that will get me noticed
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    Which group of physical traits do you find most attractive in a guy?

    • Doesn’t matter as long as we’re chill and can get along well. It would be nice if he was attractive, though
    • Big frame, strong, sporty, perfect teeth; rough, attractive features
    • Hot body, muscular but not big/large, fit, dancer-like body. Hot!
    • Shy smiles and fluffy hair. Cute features and taller than I am. Probably fit, but his body type shouldn’t matter too much
    • Tall, possibly thin. Dark eyes and an intelligent/mysterious look
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    Hair style?

    • Possibly fluffy, curly, light or dark-colored hair
    • Light-colored hair with a sporty haircut, or any hairstyle that suits him
    • Again, doesn’t matter much. From casual to unique – anything is fine
    • Anything sexy, attractive, or trendy
    • Long, dark hair, possibly covering an eye. Or just a normal haircut would be fine
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    Which type of guy do you need (or think you’ll need) in your life?

    • Adventurous, curious, risk-taker, passionate, talented, caring
    • Chill and stable, lazy (like me!), procrastinates like I do, but only for school; calm, cares enough to pull me out of bed on late mornings
    • Extremely nice, helpful, and always there for me, loving, adorable, sweet – quiet sometimes
    • Fun, attractive, daredevil, sexy, funny, doesn’t care much about consequences, unafraid
    • Smart, intellectual, talkative only about certain subjects, uses his brains to lead me down the right path/Dark & mysterious, emo-like, not very social except with me, not popular
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    Eye color?

    • Bright color; passionate/intense gaze
    • The color doesn’t matter, but I’d love for them to look youthful, shy, or sympathetic
    • Doesn’t matter as long as it’s attractive or sexy
    • Doesn’t matter
    • Dark or basic color
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    On a Friday night, which would you two most likely do together?

    • Probably just cuddle and watch Netflix/Bake some desserts together or talk about our dreams
    • Study/work on homework or have a deep conversation
    • Just talk, or binge-watch our favorite series/movies together. In other words, chill
    • Party. If not party, then, you know….
    • Book a flight for our next vacation to a foreign country
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    • Average height
    • Tall
    • Taller than I am
    • Doesn’t matter
  • Question of

    First impression of his appearance?

    • He’s mysterious but cool/He looks smart and intellectual
    • He’s cute and looks shy
    • He looks chill and unworried
    • He’s so attractive and hot!
    • He looks passionate and hardworking
  • Question of


    • I don’t know
    • Probably just one
    • No – just safe sex:^)
    • Yes – a huge, loving family:)
    • We won’t have time to think about kids
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    Which of these would you love to do with your lover the most often?

    • Dance at the club/socialize with friends. Go to parties and have a lot of fun together
    • Go on trips or to festivals. Travel all over the globe and learn all we can
    • Drink coffee and more coffee. Watch our favorite shows together and have great conversations
    • Help each other with schoolwork/Listen to sad songs together
    • Go to Japan, or work on drawing a manga together. Go to the park. Hug each other a lot
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    Last, but not least, which of these would you love most about him?

    • His soft voice, his hugs, and his forehead kisses
    • His brains and intelligence/His dark, mysterious manner
    • His free spirit and calm nature
    • His compassion for me and lust for adventure
    • His fun and sexy attitude and intense love for me

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