What type of lover are you? (For people in relationships)

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    What is your perfect date?

    • Cinema, McDonalds, nothing too fancy.
    • Staying in, ordering take-out, renting a movie and just cuddling in sweats.
    • Going dancing or clubbing.
    • Just talking and making sure I know them truly.
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    You found out that your boyfriend’s/girlfriend’s ex still likes them. What do you do?

    • I talk to the ex about it, letting them know that they’re with me and asking not to flirt with them.
    • I purposefully make out in front of them.
    • I get defensive and always be very affectionate just to make them jealous.
    • I warn them very aggressively that my lover is mine.
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    How much do you love your significant other?

    • I love them so, so much. I would do anything for them.
    • I love them to the moon and back!
    • We’re not at the love part, but I really like them.
    • I like them.
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    Do you like PDA (publicly displayed affection)?

    • A little here and there, but not too much.
    • I prefer to keep things in private.
    • Yes! I like to show off to the world that my lover is mine.
    • Yes, I want to make everyone jealous.
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    What is your preferred way of showing affection?

    • During sexual activities.
    • Gifts, long talks, jokes.
    • By showing them that I know them and that they are truly amazing.
    • Cuddles, cuddles, cuddles! Lots of affection.
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    What are three (or more) words to describe your partner?

    • Hot, sexual, sexy.
    • Goofy, loveable, adorable.
    • Perfect, gorgeous/handsome, my soulmate.
    • Funny, relaxed, cool.
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    Do you trust them not to cheat?

    • Not really, I get so paranoid!
    • Sometimes I doubt them, but I know they couldn’t replace me.
    • Of course, I know they wouldn’t cheat.
    • Well, I do get a little jealous, but I know they love me.
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    How far have you gone with them?

    • The most we’ve done is kissed.
    • All the way.
    • The most we’ve done is kissed with tongue.
    • We haven’t done that much.
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    Where did you two meet?

    • At a party
    • At a restaurant
    • At work
    • On vacation
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    How would you describe your relationship?

    • Fairytale
    • Adventurous
    • Passionate
    • Deep
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    What word best describes your significant other?

    • Funny
    • Brave
    • Sexy
    • Stubborn
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    What is the most important thing in a relationship?

    • Compatibility
    • Communication
    • Respect
    • Trust
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    Do you fall in love easily?

    • Definitely
    • No
    • Yes
    • Depends
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    The perfect date for you would be:

    • Going to a new museum or bar
    • Ordering takeout and spending the night in bed
    • Going to a new restaurant
    • Going hiking
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    Which of these pet names would you call your other half?

    • Baby
    • Love
    • Honey
    • Pumpkin
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    Do you two want children?

    • Yes
    • Not on our radar yet
    • No
    • You mean more?
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    Do you want to get married?

    • Yes
    • No
    • Absolutely
    • Maybe
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    25 years from now, you would like:

    • To be married with kids (and hopefully grandkids)
    • To be traveling the world with my love
    • To have a very active sex life
    • To live a quiet and simple life with my significant other
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    What is a lover?

    • Someone that truly knows you.
    • Someone to cuddle and love.
    • Someone that is ALWAYS there for you.
    • Someone to have sex with.
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    Your boyfriend/girlfriend is upset! What do you do?

    • I ask them what’s wrong and see if I can make them feel better in a more sexual way.
    • I make them their favourite food and ask them what’s up.
    • I see what’s wrong and scream at whoever made them upset. Nobody upsets my boo!
    • I hug and kiss them to make sure they feel loved.

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What kind of lover are you?