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    If someone says Hi to you, you…

    • Smile and say hi.
    • I don’t know what I’d do…
    • Tell them to buzz off.
    • I’m usually the one saying hi to other people!
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    You think of yourself as… (Looks, not personality)

    • Better looking than you!
    • Looks don’t matter. It’s what’s inside that counts.
    • Pretty. But I honestly don’t care about my looks.
    • Barely average…
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    Okay, first off, you think of yourself as…

    • I’m taking this quiz to figure that out! Idiot…
    • Shy. I don’t talk much.
    • Nice! I’m always kind and respectful.
    • Talkative. Seriously. No one can ever shut me up!
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    You see someone you know but don’t really like while you’re out. You…

    • Go talk to them! You’ll talk to anyone who’ll listen to you.
    • Turn and walk away. You don’t really like talking to people that you aren’t good friends with…
    • Avoid eye contact and ignore them if they talk to you. They aren’t worth your time.
    • Smile and wave.
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    Your mom tells you to go do something. You…

    • Do it right away and pray you do it right. You don’t like it when people get mad at you.
    • Do it right away.
    • Tell her if she wants something, she can do it on her own.
    • Try to talk her out of it, but then end up doing it.
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    You love…

    • Making people mad.
    • TALKING!
    • Helping other people.
    • Reading and listening to music.
  • Question of

    You hate…

    • Seeing people get upset.
    • Starting conversations.
    • Being alone and/or having no one to talk to.
    • Those kinds of people that are just way too nice… Ugh.
  • Question of

    You get less change than you’re supposed to at a store. You…

    • Yell at them. Why can’t people get ANYTHING right?
    • Tell them you got the wrong amount of change. Then talk to the lady behind you for half an hour.
    • Leave. The less people you have to talk to, the better.
    • Politely ask for the right amount.
  • Question of

    Would you rather eat liver or cow guts?

    • Liver. But I’d rather not do either…
    • What?
    • That game is so second grade. Ugh.
    • Cow guts! No, liver… No, cow guts! No… I can’t decide. 5 more minutes? So what are you doing tonight?
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    Your best friend is…

    • Talkative. I need someone who’ll talk for me.
    • Nice and polite.
    • I have lots of friends!
    • Friends? Who needs those?

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