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    You are walking down an alleyway and a man with a knife starts walking towards you! You:

    • Nothing! I’d never be there! Especially not alone, I’d be with friends!
    • Smile. Walk up to him, steal the knife off him and threaten him until he runs away.
    • Scream!
    • Walk Away! You can’t take him on!
    • I’d fight him and never let him hurt anyone again!
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    You find out that X stole your computer! You:

    • Next time you see him/her beat them up.
    • Get one of my friends to steal it back.
    • Call a teacher/cops/parent.
    • Steal it back without him/her knowing
    • Ask for it back and if s/he wouldn’t give it back call a teacher/cops/parent
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    A family member got hit by a car and is about to die! You:

    • Find out who hit them and punish them.
    • Stay by their side and talk to them.
    • Cry and stay with them!
    • Find out who did it and turn them into the cops.
    • Hang out with my friends. There is nothing I can do!
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    A guy on the street tries to sell you drugs. You:

    • Grab him and give him to the cops.
    • Say sure, you don’t care about the consequences.
    • Refuse, NO WAY I’d do drugs!
    • Run!
    • Say no, but tell all of my friends about it!
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    You see someone you like at a bar. You:

    • Go up to them and kiss them.
    • Get him/her drunk and sleep with them.
    • Ask them out.
    • Go up to him/her and talk to them.
    • Walk away.
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    Someone is blackmailing you with your darkest secret. You:

    • Beat them up / you don’t really care anyway
    • Beg them not to!
    • I don’t have secrets, my friends know everything and everyone is my friend!
    • Tell someone, don’t let them tell anyone!
    • Make the deal with them, it can’t be that bad.
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    You turn invisible, you know it will last 1 day. You:

    • Have fun, scare people.
    • Listen to police and help them for fun.
    • Rob somewhere, they won’t know that its you.
    • Do what you would usually do.
    • Hang out with your friends, listen to what they are saying.
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    Your neighbors child goes missing. You:

    • Do nothing, you couldn’t care less, you didn’t know him.
    • Try and find out who did it.
    • Wait, and see what happens.
    • Hang out with your friends, tell them about it.
    • Read about it, keep updated.
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    An old friend asks to meet you somewhere. You:

    • Go, they might have some exciting news.
    • Don’t go, who cares, they aren’t your friend anymore.
    • Go, it’ll be great to see them again!
    • Go, the more friends, the merrier!
    • Go, they might have an ulterior motive for asking?
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    You are going to get married the next day and you are at a bar. You:

    • Party with my friends!
    • Enjoy yourself, then hyperventilate over how stupid you were the night before.
    • Go home, you need a good rest so you can think tomorrow.
    • Get drunk, just cause you can.
    • Have a good time. You’re getting married tomorrow!
  • Question of

    What job would you rather?

    • A teacher
    • A cop
    • a counselor
    • A lawyer
    • A bounty hunter
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    What type of animal would you rather?

    • A smart animal.
    • A nice animal.
    • A bad-ass animal.
    • A sporty, brave animal.
    • A friendly animal.
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    What would you pay the most money for?

    • A toy/something to play with.
    • Drugs/alcohol
    • A book or two.
    • A phone.
    • A sword/weapon
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    You get to wish for one thing. What is it?

    • Never ending fun
    • Never ending money
    • Never ending mysteries
    • Never ending friends
    • Never ending books
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    You have no money to buy food. You:

    • Ask some people for money, and promise to return it.
    • You beg someone for food.
    • You steal some food.
    • You steal food from someone who has done something bad.
    • You ask a friend for some money.

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