What type of romantic are you?

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    What’s the ultimate dream for your love life?

    • To laugh with and hold my partner every day.
    • To live happily ever after.
    • To be in an honest and caring relationship.
    • I don’t have one.
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    Do you want to get married?

    • I’m happy as long as we’re happy – no need to be married.
    • Of course I do.
    • I would like that, yes.
    • No, sir.
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    How do you usually find your dates?

    • Through friends.
    • Dating apps.
    • Social media.
    • At social events.
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    How would you ask someone out on a date?

    • I make them laugh then go in for the kill.
    • I get to know them a little first, then I ask.
    • I get my friends to match-make the two of us.
    • I just ask them.
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    How soon after meeting someone is it okay to take the plunge into marriage?

    • A few months.
    • One year.
    • Three years.
    • Never.
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    What’s your idea of a romantic date?

    • A comedy show.
    • A tango lesson.
    • A hot air balloon ride.
    • Dinner and a movie.
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    What’s your idea of a romantic gift?

    • Chocolate.
    • Flowers.
    • A teddy bear.
    • Concert tickets.
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    What’s the best date food?

    • Pizza.
    • Spaghetti bolognese.
    • Hot dogs.
    • Sushi.
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    Who should pay for the first date?

    • Whoever offers to pay first.
    • The guy.
    • Both of us do.
    • The one who asked for the date.
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    OK. Your Significant Other (SO) is feeling down. What do you do?

    • Rub his/her back and give them a peck on the cheek.
    • I don’t have an SO.
    • Whisper things in their ear, like ‘It’s going to be okay, ‘ or ‘I still love you.’
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    Somebody of the gender you’re attracted to gives you a kiss. What do you do?

    • Say thank you.
    • Push them away.
    • Kiss them back.
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    Valentine’s Day is coming up. What do you do for your crush/SO?

    • I don’t have one of those and don’t intend to anytime soon. I just took this quiz for fun.
    • Give them a rose.
    • Send them a love letter indicating how much I like being with them/how much I want to be with them.
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    What outfit do you wear to grab a crush’s attention?

    • A shirt that says, ‘I love you!’ with a big heart on.
    • My normal shorts and UnderArmour sweatshirt.
    • Something with a low cut (females) or that shows my muscles (males).
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    If you could do anything on a date, what would you beg to do?

    • Have a romantic dinner with candlelight and lots of intense eye contact.
    • Go to a ball. So they would dance with me.
    • My trampoline. No ‘other person’ with me.
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    What would you want a person you’re on a date with to say?

    • Why don’t we go to that fancy restaurant downtown next week?
    • Let’s never do this again.
    • I love you.
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    If someone gave you a rose, what color would you want it to be?

    • White. Spiritual. None of that love stuff for me!
    • Red. Love and romance.
    • Orange. Passion, energy, and enthusiasm.
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    Halloween costume?

    • Other.
    • Wonder Woman/Captain America.
    • Something scary, like Vampire, Ghost, or Skeleton.
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    Old musical?

    • Singing In The Rain.
    • Other/none.
    • Annie Get Your Gun.
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    Last question, bye!

    • See you later, alligator.
    • Good. I did not really like this quiz
    • Bye? But this fun.
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    What’s your relationship status at the moment?

    • In a relationship.
    • Single but looking.
    • Single.
    • Married.

What are your strengths as a romantic partner?

How romantic are you?