What type of wine are you?



8. The Kissing Booth


Teenage high-school rom-com that involves two best friends Elle played by Joey King and Lee played by Joel Courtney whose life changes when Elle develops a crush on her best friend’s brother who happens to be the bad boy super hot senior, Noah plied by the dashing Jacob Elordi himself. With their friendship set out by rules, Elle faces a dilemma as her crush turns to something serious. Love and emotions get us all he feels in this teen drama. Will she break the best friend code? Find out for yourself.


9. Juliet, Naked


At the brink of separation, the relationship of Annie and Duncan goes through a much more rockier phase when Annie courtesy of an online platform becomes friends with Duncan’s favourite musician,  Tucker Crowe, a faded indie rocker.


10. Midnight Sun


A young woman who is intensely sensitive to sunlight meets the guy of her dreams. Played by Bella Thorne, the woman tries to hide her condition from him but not everything  can be hidden forever especially not something like this. So what happens to their story? Do they find their happily ever after or not?

“One should always be drunk. That’s all that matters…But with what? With wine, with poetry, or with virtue, as you chose. But get drunk.”
― Charles Baudelaire, Paris Spleen

“Accept what life offers you and try to drink from every cup. All wines should be tasted; some should only be sipped, but with others, drink the whole bottle.”
― Paulo Coelho, Brida

“Start the Quiz”

  • Question of

    Which of the following fruit would you choose to eat out of a fruit bowl?

    • Blackberries
    • Plums
    • Pear
    • Apple
  • Question of

    You’re going on a winery tour! Which wine corner of the world would you like to visit?

    • Napa Valley
    • Burgundy
    • Bordeaux
    • South Australia
  • Question of

    Where do you get your news?

    • Online
    • Talk Radio
    • TV
    • Newspaper
  • Question of

    Which is your favorite country music star?

    • Johnny Cash
    • Loretta Lynn
    • George Jones
    • Shania Twain
  • Question of

    Which of the following CSI characters is your favorite?

    • Nick Stokes
    • Sara Sidle
    • Horatio Caine
    • Gil Grissom
  • Question of

    Which of the following is your favorite primate?

    • Lemur
    • Orangutan
    • Howler Monkey
    • Gorilla
  • Question of

    Which is your favorite color highlighter to use?

    • Yellow
    • Pink
    • Blue
    • Green
  • Question of

    Which of following are you most likely to eat for a late night snack?

    • Popcorn
    • Fruit
    • Sandwich
    • Ice Cream
  • Question of

    What is your favorite thing to do in the water?

    • Skiing
    • Swim
    • Fish
    • Sailing
  • Question of

    How often do you like to partake in activities that involve drinking alcohol?

    • On weekends
    • Whenever there’s a social gathering
    • Only on very special occasions
    • Everyday is a good day for a drink!
  • Question of

    You feel most comfortable wearing something:

    • Colorful
    • Dark
    • Preppy
    • Professional
  • Question of

    How would you describe your figure?

    • Slim and delicate
    • Muscular
    • Curvaceous
    • Lean and muscular
  • Question of

    What do you think adds the most value to a painting?

    • Age
    • The painter’s finesse
    • The painter’s popularity
    • The story behind the painting

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