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    First of all: How would you describe yourself as a person?

    • Kind and caring
    • Smart and witty
    • Mysterious and more of a lonely wolf
    • Courageous and outgoing
    • A bit mean and sometimes even malicious
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    Next: Pick your favourite type of colour

    • Red and yellow – I like energetic colours!
    • Rose and pink – I love soft colours
    • Blue and silver – I like calming colours
    • Green and purple – I like interesting colours
    • Black and grey – don’t ask me why
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    So let’s face the magical world: If you would be a student of Hogwarts, which house would you like to be in?

    • Slytherin, obviously! I would like to be a part of team Malfoy!
    • Well, I can’t decide… but I would certainly like to use the Marauder’s Map!
    • Hufflepuff! I love those yellow scarfs they got!
    • Gryffindor – to be a part of team Potter!
    • Ravenclaw! They are the best!
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    Pick your favourite magical school subject

    • Herbology
    • History of Magic
    • Potions
    • Transfiguration and charms
    • Defense against the Dark Arts
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    What type of pet would you like to keep as a wizard or witch?

    • Well duh, if I’m a wizard I’m going to keep an owl of course!
    • A griffin
    • A reptile
    • A dragon – I hope you don’t mind and if you do than this is your problem…
    • A cat – I like cats
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    Picture yourself playing for your team in the Quidditch finals when one of the opposite team players suddenly gets injured very badly. You…

    • Feel that this distraction could finally be your team’s chance to win the Quidditch cup!
    • Shrug your shoulders. This is a Quidditch match after all so players tend to get injured badly.
    • Notice that this was the player that tried to hit you off your broom a minute ago and decide to not move one finger
    • Would get off your broom and ran towards them to see if you can help
    • Head to the referee and insist that he should interrupt the match so that the injured player can be taken care of.
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    Imagine yourself: A few of your fellow wizard friends plan to sneak out of the magical school your staying at in the middle of the night. You…

    • Try to convince them to not sneak out at night. It’s too dangerous but in the end you’re going with them in case there is any trouble.
    • Go and tell the head of your house, even if you know you’ll get roasted by them for it afterwards
    • Shrug it off. It’s not your concern and you’d rather continue reading your books instead.
    • Are not joining them. It’s too risky to get caught and hell knows what can happen in the magical woods out there at night!
    • Are delighted this long-awaited opportunity has turned up! You join them without hesitation!
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    Pick a favourite headmaster you would like to lead your magical wizard school

    • Minerva McGonagall is simply the best
    • Hagrid – I admire his care and passion about magical creatures
    • Don’t get me wrong… but my ideal type of headmaster would be Aquaman…
    • Severus Snape – I like him, he’s a great guy
    • Nobody can match Dumbledore
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    Pick a type of wizard clothing:

    • Sporty and casual – I like to keep it real!
    • Cute and fluffy – I like the girly type of style
    • Classic and elegant – back to the basics
    • Style? Bro, I’m a nerd and I don’t care whether I have two different pairs of socks on or my shirt doesn’t match the colour of my jeans!
    • Cool and mysterious – the punk or rocker type
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    Finally: Pick one of the following you would most likely use in a dangerous situation

    • Magical Broom – to fly away when you need to
    • Avada Kedavra – I don’t care about forbidden magical spells as long as it saves my life!
    • Well I’m an Animagi that can transform into Hulk when I need to…
    • Expecto Patronum! Rise and shine to dazzle my enemies!
    • Mandrake – pulling it out of the pot will be one ear-hell for my enemies

What would your favorite Hogwarts subject be?

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