[13 QUESTIONS] What Voltron lion are you quiz?

If you’re a fan of Voltron, then you know that there are different lion characters that have different strengths and weaknesses. So which Voltron lion is your favourite? Take this what Voltron lion are you quiz to find out!

What is Voltron?

If you grew up in the ’80s, there’s a good chance you’re familiar with Voltron. The giant robot was a staple of Saturday morning cartoons, and kids everywhere were obsessed with it. But what is Voltron, exactly?

Voltron is a giant robot made up of five smaller lions. When pilots from different alien races come together to form Voltron, they can use its power to protect the universe from evil. The show was created in 1984 by Toei Animation and was an instant hit.

It’s still popular today, with a new Voltron series airing on Netflix in 2016. So whether you’re a long-time fan or just getting into the series, there’s plenty to love about Voltron. So, if you are wondering about which Voltron lion would I pilot, then this Voltron lion quiz will surely help you out!

What Voltron Lion Are You Quiz? The 5 Voltron Lions!

1. The Black Lion

The black lion is one of the lions that make up Voltron. It’s the most powerful and feared of all the lions. No one knows for sure who the black lion is, but there are many theories. One theory is that it’s a spirit that possesses different lions at different times.

Another theory is that it’s a prince from another planet who was sent to Earth to protect it from evil. Whoever or whatever the black lion is, it’s definitely something to be feared and respected.

2. The Red Lion

Some believe that the red lion in Voltron was named after King Arthur’s mythical beast, the Red Dragon. Others say that it was simply an arbitrary colour choice and had no special significance. The true origin of the name is a mystery.

What is known is that the red lion was piloted by Lance, one of the five Paladins who defended Earth from evil forces. He was a brave and skilled warrior, and his lion was one of the most powerful in Voltron.

3. The Blue Lion

There are many lions in Voltron, but who was the blue lion? The blue lion was one of the first lions to form Voltron, and it is piloted by Pidge.

Pidge is a young man who is very intelligent and skilled in technology. He was originally a prisoner on board the ship that was transporting the lions to planet Arus, but he managed to escape and ended up finding the blue lion.

4. The Green Lion

There are many fan theories about who the green lion in Voltron was, with no definitive answer. Some people believe that it was Pidge’s father, Alfor, who pilot the lion and sacrificed himself to save the others.

Others think that it was Sven, a member of the team who died in battle. Still others believe that it was some other character entirely. The truth is that no one knows for sure who piloted the green lion.

5. The Yellow Lion

In the popular animated series Voltron, the yellow lion is a central character. He is often the most outspoken and comedic of the lions, and his determination never fails to inspire others. He is also one of the most skilled fighters in the group, always ready to take on any challenge.

So, now that you know about all of the 5 Voltron lions, its high time that you take the what Voltron lion are you quiz and find out actually which of the 5 Voltron lions are you!
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  • Question of

    flying through a solar system, what is the first thing you notice?

    • The bright, warm sun radiating its energy and flashing with solar flares
    • The distant stars and nebulas, space truly is beautiful
    • the unique, life-baring planet ahead of us! Think of all the cool aliens down there!
    • The colorful gaseous planet behind you, the chemical storms fascinate and amaze you!
    • The city lights on the colonized moon. are these people friend or foe?
  • Question of

    Of the following, what is your favorite wild cat?

    • Serval
    • Tiger
    • cheetah
    • ocelot
    • Jaguar
    • snow leopard
    • sand cat
    • Lion
    • lynx
    • Leopard
  • Question of

    You are in the following mission scenario: You must break through a planet’s blockade that is keeping rebels and civilians on the planet from getting much-needed supplies. What part of the mission are you assigned?

    • I’m in the castle, standing by the doors, waiting for us to land so I can quickly and safely get these supplies to the people.
    • I’m air support. I blast a hole through the blockade with my lion so that the castle can get through and deliver the supplies
    • I’m up in the castle’s control room, calling out fighters and Galra positions so that the mission runs smoothly and everyone gets out safely.
    • I’m part of the ground team. I land at the drop zone and take out the drones and soldiers who would sabotage the supply drop. I’m doing a lot of hands-on fighting.
    • I pilot the drop ship. I’m not a part of the heavy fighting, but I’m in charge of making sure the ground team lands safely. If i fail, the whole plan fails.
  • Question of

    In a battle, you would consider yourself…

    • Offense
    • support
    • Defense
    • A Tank
    • stealth
  • Question of

    What do you personally think the Galra’s motive is for the war?

    • From their perspective, they think what they’re doing is what’s best for the universe, but they’re wrong.
    • They’re expanding on technology and science. They take what they want so they can perform their immoral experiments.
    • They crave control. They believe themselves higher and want to be powerful enough that the entire universe bows to them.
    • who cares? the things they’ve done are unforgivable. They’re evil and have to be stopped.
    • They’re following Zarkon’s orders. The soldiers are just obeying their emperor without considering the evil things they’re doing.
  • Question of

    Of the following weapons, which would you be most likely to use?

    • a heavy, deadly weapon, like a Mace
    • A quick, sharp weapon such as a dagger
    • A big, explosive gun or rocket
    • A long range weapon, like a rifle or a bow
    • sword and a shield for offense and defense
  • Question of

    What is most important to you in a battle?

    • Cleverness. outsmarting the enemy is the best way to win. use their weaknesses against them
    • Strength, its all about the power of your attacks, lots of damage per strike
    • Balance. Being well rounded means you’re ready to go wherever your team needs you.
    • Speed and agility, I want to wear down my enemy
    • Patience. The opportunity for you to strike will come, but not if you’re already dead
  • Question of

    Of these choices, what is your biggest weakness?

    • I put the needs of others above my own, to the point that my struggles are never addressed and it wears me down.
    • I’m too trusting. My instinct to protect blinds me to possible dangers. I want to see the good in everyone so much that I brush off any red flags.
    • I bite off more than I can chew. I focus so hard on my goal that its all I can think about, but I’m stubborn and don’t want to take a break.
    • I’m too cautious. I cant help but be wary of the challenges I face and it causes me to hesitate and not take chances.
    • I’m bullheaded and I don’t think before I act. I let my emotions guide me without properly considering the concequences.
  • Question of

    How would you describe yourself in one word? (if you have trouble, ask a friend what they would choose for you)

    • responsible
    • Loyal
    • reflexive
    • Intuitive
    • Strong-willed
  • Question of

    What would be your first reaction to betrayal?

    • self-blame
    • red-hot anger
    • emptyness
    • disbelief
    • heartbreak
  • Question of

    You can add one modification to your lion, which will it be?

    • I’ve added more blasters to my lion so I can shoot at multiple targets at once!
    • My lion now has seatbelts. like seriously did the Alteans have a death wish or something?
    • My lion can now absorb the hits from enemies! It doubles the power of my own attacks
    • after some… VERY careful testing, I added that booster fuel to my lion. its now really fast for a quick getaway, and only has 34% chance of blowing up
    • My lion now has its own particle barrier. It takes up a good chunk of my power, but it’s safer when I’m in a pinch
  • Question of

    Choose a cat to adopt from the shelter.

    • The cuddle bug who just wants a warm lap and purrs like no tomorrow.
    • The feistiest kitten they’ve got. The one who’s jumping all around and biting the toy mouse like it owes them money.
    • The old, crusty cat with one eye. They’ve been here the longest. Time to give them a home.
    • The two bonded cats who are joined at the hip. They’re the start of your new, happy family.
    • The quiet one that lingers in the doorway. They mind their own business and are easy to take care of. They make your home a little less empty.
  • Question of

    Favorite color?

    • Yellow!
    • purple, no pink. No wait blue!
    • Black like my soul
    • whichever one gives me the lion I want
    • who wants to know?
    • Ok this question is completely rigged
    • all of them
    • red, the blood of my enemies. Or green, whatever.

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