What Will My Love Life Be Like?

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    What music do you listen to?

    • Rap & Hip Hop
    • Country
    • Gospel
    • Pop & Dancer
    • Heavy Metal & Rock
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    Which kinds of food do you like the most?

    • Pizza
    • Nachos
    • I am a vegan… So, only healthy vegan food
    • Tacos
    • None
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    How would he propose?

    • In front of many people.
    • At a public park, saying he loves you too damn much.
    • At your birthday party, in front of you ex’s…
    • At your mamma’s house giving the best love speech ever.
    • At a fantasy restaurant, giving the best love speech in front of your friends.
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    How would you and your dream guy kiss?

    • He would go 90% and I would go the full 10.
    • He would stare into my eyes than kiss me with confidence.
    • He would make me laugh, than I would look at him and kiss him, he kisses me back.
    • He would ask me to be his girlfriend than I kiss him.
    • We would stare at each other for a long time, than kiss each other for a long time.
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    What kind of movies do you like to watch?

    • Comedy
    • Romance
    • Drama & Action
    • Just action
    • Science Fiction
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    What type of man do you like?

    • Kind, smart, positive, and leader.
    • Strong, bold, bright, hot, cool, and lovable.
    • Nice, sweet, hot, lovely, funny, and hug-able.
    • Lovable, funny, sexy, sweet, and smart.
    • Sexy, bold, strong, lovable, and sweet.
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    How would he protect you?

    • Throw his hands on you and push you away from harm.
    • Fight back for me.
    • Pick you up away from trouble.
    • Make the madness stop.
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    What is theĀ one thing in the world he would do for you?

    • Cook your food when you couldn’t, or sleeping.
    • Carry you to bed when you were tired.
    • Take you to a hot top hotel and have a delightful time.
    • Take you on a cruise when you wanted to.
    • Make you a bubble bath and pour you some champagne.
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    Choose your preferred location for a date?

    • The beach
    • A restaurant
    • At home
    • The movies
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    Which of the following gifts would you be most happy to receive from your partner?

    • Flowers
    • Chocolates
    • A card
    • Other/ I don’t know
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    Which of the following statements sounds most like you in a relationship?

    • ‘OMG, I love you so much!’
    • ‘Oh my god, you know me so well!’
    • ‘Could you PLEASE share the blanket!’
    • ‘I guess I kind of like you’
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    What do you find most romantic?

    • A scavenger hunt through the city
    • A really long, enjoyable conversation
    • A candlelit dinner under the stars
    • A nap cuddling with your partner
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    What would you do if you saw your crush on the street?

    • Wait for them to talk to you
    • Play it cool
    • Give them a big hug
    • Forget how to speak and look the other way

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