What will you be when you grow up?

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    Do you like children?

    • Yes, who wouldn’t?
    • No, I can’t stand children!
    • Well, it depends. But I surely don’t hate children.
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    Can you stand a lot of blood and violence? (I mean does it make you sick seeing blood as it would make a lot of people.)

    • No, I can’t see blood. It makes me sick and sad.
    • Ughh, gross. But I don’t get easily scared of either violence or blood.
    • It’s okay if it’s animal blood (don’t get me wrong).
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    What excites you the most:

    • Researching
    • Drawing and painting
    • Bike riding
    • Hiking
    • Swimming
    • Singing
    • Reading
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    If you had to finish reading a book (NOVEL) given by your teacher, how much time do you think you would take on average to finish that book?

    • A few months I guess.
    • I barely have time for that, so, may be forever.
    • Depends upon the length of the story. But I believe very soon.
    • A day…
    • I would take my time and try to finish it within a week.
    • Since I don’t like to read, I am quite not sure if I would even be able to finish it ever.
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    Physical activity? Like a sport, drill or something?

    • Yes, I can take that!
    • Yes, any kind of physical activity. I am in!
    • That’s what I live for! Definitely Yes!
    • Yeah, but not so heavy. Just to stay healthy!
    • No!
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    Do you help your friend or siblings in their homework?

    • I don’t have time for that.
    • Yes, of course!
    • Not sure!
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    How much do you like music?

    • I do like music but my job is too hectic so, I don’t listen that much.
    • I can listen to music for the whole day. It motivates me in work.
    • Hey, I can create music! I love music this much!
    • Music is my life, though I can not create music but I can make moves on it!
    • It helps me relax, so, I keep peaceful music close to me!
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    Choose a job:

    • Police
    • Armed Forces
    • Research
    • Musician
    • Teaching
    • Dancing
    • Writing
    • Athlete
    • Business
    • Artist
    • Explorer
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    What are your thoughts about traveling?

    • Dude, that’s what I am born for!
    • Yeah, I do love to travel but near by hill stations or cities on weekends.
    • I never had time for that, so, never really thought!
    • What is traveling?
    • I like to travel but only when it’s about some work or something relative.
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    Do you have a profound analytical thinking ability? (Includes strategy making, defining things, scientific knowledge, researching over various things)

    • Yes, I do. There are a few things I lack at current, but I consider it positive.
    • I am not a scientist dude.
    • I can research but don’t think I have such scientific abilities.
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    What is your age?

    • Under 18 Years Old
    • 18 to 24 Years Old
    • 25 to 30 Years Old
    • 31 to 40 Years Old
    • 41 to 50 Years Old
    • 51 to 60 Years Old
    • Over 60 Years Old
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    What is your gender?

    • Male
    • Female
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    If you were going to a job interview what would you wear?

    • A suit
    • Jeans and a T
    • Kakis and a nice shirt
    • What job interview?
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    What would you do if your grandmother died?

    • Cry for 3 days and then slowly get over it
    • Deal with it–I don’t show emotions
    • Been there, done that
    • Shut myself in my room and scream for a week
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    What item would you describe yourself as?

    • A flyswatter – I get rid of things I don’t like
    • Radio – at times I can get annoying, but I relieve stress
    • Tv – I have many different moods
    • Computer – I am very helpful and useful
    • Blanket – I comfort people
    • Cobweb – I am foreboding and I scare people

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