What will your future be like?


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    What is your personality like?

    • Kind, sweet, shy
    • Annoying, lazy, intelligent
    • Charming, pretty, smart
    • Badass, sneaky, cool
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    What is your dream job?

    • Fashion designer, model, or an actress.
    • Gamer, YouTuber, or sale person
    • I’d rather be a criminal
    • Police officer, Firefighter, or doctor
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    What is the most important to you in life?

    • Rich, rich, money rich!
    • Happiness, and making others laugh.
    • Kindness, peace, and fame.
    • Death, killing.
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    What is your hobby?

    • Playing video games, making videos, texting or calling
    • Watching TV…. a lot
    • Reading, writing, playing outside
    • Singing, dancing, listening to music
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    What do you think about the car?

    • A small car
    • A fashionable, peppy, car
    • A regular car or a minivan
    • Not too rich but still rich money car.
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    How would you like to die?

    • Peacefully
    • Umm?
    • The most painful way
    • I’d risk my life for anyone
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    Do you plan on a relationship?

    • Of course!
    • Yes, but they shouldn’t judge me.
    • No, that gets in my way.
    • Doesn’t matter, I just want to be happy!
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    Do you plan on children?

    • Yes of course!
    • Umm…maybe
    • No, I hate kids.
    • I don’t know yet
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    Do you get bored easily?

    • Kinda
    • No never!
    • Of course I do!
    • Only a little but no not really
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    What is your favorite YouTuber?

    • YouTube? Ugh that app sucks.
    • SSSniperwolf or MirandaSings
    • Itsfunneh or InquisitorMaster
    • James Charles or Jake Paul
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    Do you have health problems

    • Yes
    • Nah!
    • I don’t know
    • A little, but not really
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    What is your dream pet?

    • No, pets make me mad.
    • Something tiny and calm, like a fish or a bird!
    • Something cute and small, like a puppy or cat!
    • Something big and strong, like a dog!
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    What is your dream home?

    • A big, fancy house!
    • A clean, big house!
    • A nice, normal house!
    • My house should keep the strangers away!
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    Did you like my quiz?

    • Yes of course!
    • It’s pretty cool!
    • Meh!
    • It sucks

What TYPE of blue are you?

What will your future life be like?