What Will Your True Love’s Name Be?


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    When you walk in a room, you…

    • Run to my group of friends
    • Slowly scan the room, looking for a good-looking guy
    • Slowly walk over to my friends with my head down
    • Do a dance move in front of everyone, eyeing my crush
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    What feature do you look at when you first see a guy who attracts you?

    • His eyes
    • His lips
    • His hair
    • His nose
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    What does your true love have to have?

    • A great personality
    • The perfect physique
    • He has to be funny
    • Nothing visible – he has to treat me right and to understand me
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    Which of these letters is in your first name?

    • M
    • E
    • A
    • L
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    Your dream date is…

    • PARTY PARTY and did I say PARTY?
    • A nice dinner and a movie
    • Doing homework together
    • Going to a club, then out for dinner
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    Your dream guy must…

    • Always listen to me
    • Let me party every day
    • Take me out on memorable dates
    • Talk to me for hours and hours
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    What’s your favorite color?

    • BLUE like the ocean
    • PINK like hearts
    • WHITE like fluffy clouds
    • GREEN like the grass
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    Are you single?

    • YESSSSSSS! That’s why I’m taking this test – to find my true love!
    • No – but if this quiz goes well, I might dump him and find a guy with the name I get
    • No, just taking this for fun!
    • Yes, but this is for fun only!
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    Which of these words do you prefer?

    • Angel
    • Strength
    • Shoes
    • Party
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    Last question…are you nervous about your result? (Be honest!)

    • What are you talking about? No sweat!
    • A little
    • Never
    • Not really

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