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    You are walking in the town center when you feel your tights/trousers fa down to your knees you..?

    • Shout at everyone who looks at you
    • Run into the nearest shop and pull them up
    • Start crying and just stand there
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    You are on your own in an escalator when a mean old lady joins you, you accidentally lick her and she starts going on about you having no manners and how you should be taught to behave properly and that she doesn’t approve of the way you dress, she goes on and on, finally she gets off as she walks away what do you do??

    • Flip her off
    • Look away
    • Wave and giggle
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    You and your friend are in the park and a gang of rough teenagers want to take your bench you..?

    • Start crying
    • Tell them to go away, it’s your bench
    • Give it to them and leave
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    You are on a school trip in a museum and when the tour guide is talking about the sad death of a person you see somebody in the distance who’s pants have fallen down you try not to laugh but you do, everybody looks at you, you..?

    • Say sorry and Pretend to blow your nose
    • Say somebody’s pants have fallen down
    • Kick a stone to distract everybody
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    You are on a bus with your strict grandma whose acting ever so posh and you accidentally fart, you..?

    • Say sorry
    • Try to make the same noise with the chair
    • Blame it on somebody in front
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    You want to go to the beach with your friends, your mum tells you that you have to do your homework you..?

    • Ask your mum if you can go to the shop for a pencil but actually hang out with your friends
    • Don’t go with your friends but you act very upset and moody
    • Don’t go with your friends, after all there is a next time
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    A new girl comes up to you on the first day of school and she thinks your her best friend, you find her incredibly annoying, your other friends ask you if you actually want to be her bestie, you:?

    • Say yes I want to be her bestie (even though you don’t)
    • Say you don’t like her and say mean things about her
    • Say she’s nice but she’s a bit annoying
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    The girl (from the last question) let’s say she’s called Clara keeps begging to this other girl (call her Rosa) to invite you and her round. Neither you nor Rosa like this girl so you decide to have a sleepover just the two of you, on the same day, Clara invites you round to hers (by text) but you can’t go what do you say??

    • Thank you but I can’t, I’m going to my granny’s (I can’t tell her I’m going to Rosa’s)
    • Tell her the truth
    • Don’t reply and block her
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    You accidentally post a picture of you and Rosa having fun at the sleepover (on your Instagram or wherever) and Clara replies asking if you two are together what do you say??

    • Let her get really mad then say no
    • No I’m at my granny’s I took the picture a few days ago
    • I delete the post and don’t reply
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    You go to your posh auntie’s house and she gives you peas, you don’t like peas, you..?

    • Eat them anyway
    • Say ewww and push your plate away
    • Just leave them

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