What Zoom Background Should You Choose?

  • Question of

    What do you do first thing in the morning?

    • Text my friends
    • Return to sleep.
    • Make a cup of iced coffee.
    • Check work emails
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    What did you do to keep yourself occupied during your quarantine?

    • Working
    • Drinking
    • Baking
    • TikToks
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    What do you miss the most about life before COVID?

    • Everything being open
    • Working in an office
    • Traveling
    • Seeing friends
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    Select a Zoom backdrop from the options below:

    • 4-1what-zoom-background-should-you-choose-.jpg
    • 4-2what-zoom-background-should-you-choose-.jpg
    • 4-3what-zoom-background-should-you-choose-.jpg
    • 4-4what-zoom-background-should-you-choose-.jpg
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    Choose one of the following characters to Zoombomb your meeting:

    • Tom Haverford
    • Leslie Nope
    • Stanley Hudson
    • Cher Horowitz
  • Question of

    Choose a workstation:

    • 6-1what-zoom-background-should-you-choose-.jpg
    • 6-2what-zoom-background-should-you-choose-.jpg
    • 6-3what-zoom-background-should-you-choose-.jpg
    • 6-4what-zoom-background-should-you-choose-.jpg
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    Are you a regular attendee at meetings?

    • Yes, I’m typically the one who hosts them.
    • Only if I’m called.
    • No, I don’t pay attention.
    • I ask a few questions.
  • Question of

    To your Zoom calls, what are you wearing?

    • Dress shirt
    • Pajamas
    • Bathing suit
    • Simple T-shirt
  • Question of

    What are you having for lunch during your break?

    • 9-1what-zoom-background-should-you-choose-.jpg
    • 9-2what-zoom-background-should-you-choose-.jpg
    • 9-3what-zoom-background-should-you-choose-.jpg
    • 9-4what-zoom-background-should-you-choose-.jpg
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    When did you connect to the call?

    • 15 minutes late
    • 15 minutes ahead of time.
    • 1 minute before the meeting begins
    • Whenever my friends joins,

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