What Is Your Mental Age?


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    What movie genre do you most like to watch?

    • Fantasy
    • Drama
    • Nature documentaries
    • Action
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    Which would you choose to do with two hours of free time?

    • Sleep
    • Go on social media
    • Do chores
    • Watch Dora the Explorer
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    If someone bumped into you without saying sorry, what would you most likely do?

    • Give them a dirty look and swear
    • I would say sorry, it was probably my fault
    • Ignore them
    • I would be in the hospital! AAH! MY BACK!
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    Which of these foods would you most prefer to eat?

    • Roast beef with veggies
    • Junk food like pizza and fries
    • McDonald’s, so I can get the toys!
    • Soup
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    If a guy were to approach you and say “You’re cute,” what would you most likely say to him?

    • “Really, I am?”
    • “Ummm, sorry, I’m dating someone”
    • “Thank you!”
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    What do you think of homework?

    • What’s homework?
    • They have homework in this generation?
    • Homework is good for your education
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    What do you think of candy?

    • Candy has lots of sugar that makes you fat
    • SO GOOD!
    • My teeth aren’t strong enough to handle candy
    • Love it
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    What colors do you like most?

    • Rainbow! All colors!
    • Bright ones like neon!
    • Primary colors
    • Gray
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    What do you think of kids?

    • Kids are too much to handle
    • They’re cute!
    • Yay, I have a babysitting job!
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    What do you think about the iPad?

    • Ooh…games!
    • It’s good technology
    • Social media!
    • What’s an iPad?

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