Whats My Psycho Pass Quiz!

  • Question of

    When You Are About To Starting Doing Something, You Will:

    • Try your best to do this thing as perfect as you can.
    • Concern about others’ feelings or opinions first so feel hesitated.
    • Start from your own will to do this thing recklessly.
  • Question of

    How Often Do You Feel Depressed?

    • Often
    • Never
    • Sometimes
    • Everyday
  • Question of

    How Often Do You Feel Mad About Trifles In Life?

    • Usually
    • Seldom
    • Sometimes
    • Everyday
  • Question of

    What Is The Rating Of The Film You Can Accept Least?

    • R
    • Pg-13
    • Nc-17
    • Pg
  • Question of

    If You Did Not Violet The Law, Would You Kill The One You Hate Most?

    • Yes
    • No
  • Question of

    In Order To Achieve Your Dream, You Will:

    • Make efforts
    • By any kind of means
    • Look for shortcuts
  • Question of

    Suppose You See Your Enemy Being At Risky Condition, And He Is Asking Your Help, You Would:

    • Help him immediately
    • Ignore him and pass by
    • Do something to make him be in a more dangerous situation
  • Question of

    If You Had To Choose, You Would Prefer To Be A:

    • Good guy
    • Bad guy
  • Question of

    When You Find You Did Something Wrong, What Will You Do:

    • Apologize immediately
    • Will not apologize, but feel guilty for some time
    • Will not feel self-condemned at all
  • Question of

    Which One Is Your Favorite Game?

    • Sid meier’s civilization(strategy)
    • Playerunknown’s battlegrounds(survival)
    • Stardew valley(casual)
    • World of warcraft(mmorpg)
  • Question of

    How Do You View The Disadvantaged People In The Society?

    • Our lives could be better without them
    • We should try our best to help him
    • Don’t care
    • The miserable must be also despicable
  • Question of

    Will You Forgive Someone Who Has Hurt You Before?

    • Yes
    • No
    • It depends
  • Question of

    What Is The Type Of Your Favorite Things?

    • Something liked and accepted by the majority
    • Something liked and accepted by the minority
    • Something not accepted by most of people
  • Question of

    Suppose You Have Something You Really Want To Accomplish, While You Find Finishing This Thing Could Hurt Someone Inevitably, What Would You Do?

    • Still accomplish this thing according to plan
    • Think deliberately before doing this thing
    • Stop doing this thing
  • Question of

    What Is Your Favorite Lifestyle?

    • Follow the rules
    • Explore something new
    • Live in the way you like
    • Break the traditional rules to have the life nobody has experienced before

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