What’s The First Initial Of My Future Husband’s Name?

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    What kind of guys you seriously don’t like?

    • Ugly face
    • Dumb brain
    • Bossy attitude
    • Annoying personality
    • Insensitive personality
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    Your favorite color?

    • Red
    • Yellow
    • Green
    • Blue
    • Pink
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    You would want a guy who is:

    • Financially strong
    • Smart
    • Funny
    • Awesome in every aspect
    • Understanding
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    Your last boyfriend’s name started with:

    • B
    • J
    • M
    • C
    • Never had a boyfriend
    • None of above
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    It’s okay if your husband:

    • Is goofy
    • Is not so good looking
    • Is insensitive
    • Is grumpy
    • Is bossy
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    Who is your favorite celebrity? (Male or female)

    • Jennifer Lawrence
    • Cate Blanchett
    • Taylor Swift
    • George Clooney
    • Gerard Butler
    • Justin Bieber
    • Channing Tatum
    • Selena Gomez
    • Sebastian Stan
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    How do you describe your personality?

    • I have a good sense of humor.
    • I am sensitive.
    • I am creative.
    • I am hot, by looks and brain.
    • I can’t follow orders instead I like to give.
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    What do you think his name will with? (You can count your crush in too)

    • J, K or L
    • A, B or C
    • R, S or T
    • F, G or H
    • Well, I have no idea about that.
    • Blue and green
    • Red, pink and purple
    • I don’t have a favorite color
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    Which of these types of music do you like best?

    • Anything on top of the charts
    • Pop
    • Rock
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    Which of these qualities do you look for most in a boy?

    • Good looks
    • Intelligence
    • A good sense of humor
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    Which of these styles best fits you?

    • Girly
    • Tomboy
    • Nerdy
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    Do you like kids?

    • They kind of annoy me
    • I love them
    • They’re all right
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    Do you have many friends?

    • Yes, lots of them
    • Just a couple
    • Just a few really close ones
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    Which of these places do you most like to be?

    • At the shops
    • In the countryside
    • In my room
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    Are you sporty?

    • Yes, I love sports
    • No, I hate sports
    • Sports are OK

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