What’s your kissing style? Quiz

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    What’s your idea of the perfect first-date kiss?

    • A sweet good-bye peck.
    • ‘Kisses’ plural is how I like it!
    • A sneak-attack smooch.
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    Have you ever practiced kissing on the back of your hand?

    • A couple of times, but not anymore.
    • Maybe once or twice, but I would never tell anyone that!
    • Yes. Practice makes perfect right?
    • No.
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    What are you wearing on your lips right now?

    • Flavored lip gloss.
    • Chapstick.
    • Nothing.
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    What’s the one thing you can’t go without on a date?

    • Brown-sugar lip scrub – soft lips are sexy lips!
    • Your best friend – double dates are more fun and less stressful.
    • Peppermint Altoids.
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    Over-the-top, super steamy love scenes in movies make you:

    • Blush. Time for popcorn refill!
    • Warm and fuzzy.
    • Swoon! I live for passion!
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    A great date is about to end, and the guy/girl looks like they want to kiss you. You:

    • Lean in and kiss them first.
    • Wait for them to kiss me. If they don’t then maybe I’ll make the first move.
    • Wait for them, and if not call it a night.
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    In a heated game of Truth Or Dare, you are dared to kiss your crush! What do you do?

    • Give them a quick peck on the cheek.
    • Go into another room for some more privacy.
    • Land them with a hot wet one right there in from of everyone!
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    You’re at the movies and the couple in front of you won’t stop kissing! You are…

    • Jealous.
    • Grossed out.
    • Too busy watching the movie.
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    Where would you prefer to have your first kiss?

    • On the bleachers in the middle of a game.
    • Spontaneously, in a park, somewhere unexpected.
    • On the beach at sunset.
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    When you’re kissing are your eyes open or closed?

    • Open and flirty, you want to take everything in!
    • Depends on the mood between us.
    • Closed so that you can just focus on how it feels.
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    Which trait fits you best?

    • Confident.
    • Smart.
    • Sweet.
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    If you’re kissing someone on the street and you hear a stranger say, ‘Aww… look!’ you instinctively…

    • Get really into it, now that I know we have an audience.
    • Ignore their comment and stay focused on the kiss.
    • Pull away, a little embarrassed.
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    You’re at a rock show with someone you like, and the band plays a slow, romantic song. What happens?

    • We might hold hands, but most likely I’ll just stand there feeling awkward.
    • We put our arms around each other and sway a little.
    • We start making out, right there in the crowd.
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    Post-kiss, your hair is sticking up and your face is a little wet. You:

    • Can’t stop smiling. Kissing is the best.
    • Don’t really mind, because the kissing part was sweet!
    • Feel kinda gross. I hope nobody sees me like this.
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    If the person you’re kissing starts giggling mid-kiss:

    • That’s a total turn on. So cute!
    • I’d probably ignore it.
    • That’s a major turn off. It’s like, ‘Are you laughing at me?’

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