What’s your love-life like?

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    Finally, at what age did you meet?

    • Childhood
    • Dunno
    • At birth
    • High school
    • Accidentally at 20ish
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    Do you like a girl…

    • Don’t mind
    • Smaller than you
    • Skinnier than you
    • Taller than you
    • Bigger than you
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    What skin colour?

    • I’m colour blind
    • Extremely pale
    • Black
    • Very tan
    • White
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    Your girls hobbies?

    • Swimming
    • Gymnastics
    • Sleeping
    • Me
    • Sports of any kind
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    Why do you like the hobbies they have?

    • How active she is
    • That cute little clam face of hers as she lies there with no care in the world
    • How flexible she can be in those clothes
    • How fast and srong she is underwater
    • Because she is so interested in me
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    How about the way she acts around you?

    • Playful and energetic
    • Cute and confined
    • Lovey dovey
    • Sassy until we get under the sheets
    • No care in the world
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    What do you like about her most? (physically)

    • Shoulders, back and neck
    • Boobies
    • Hips for life
    • Everything
    • Those booty cheeks so fluffy
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    Her eyes are..

    • Emotionless
    • Dark deep holes of something black and murky
    • Beautiful
    • Capable of seeing strait through me
    • Only for me
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    How in love are you with her?

    • I would kill for her
    • Id never let her out of my sight
    • She is my everything
    • I would jump into the sea for her
    • To the depths of my heart
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    How ‘intimate’ are you?

    • A little cheeky here and there
    • We’ve tried everything under the sun
    • We only need each other in this world
    • Every sport and fetish we do regularly
    • We’ll do it anywhere

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