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    Your crush sits next to you then suddenly you turn bright red. Do you?

    • Just try and talk your friends out of it.
    • Scrunch up into a ball.
    • Tell your crush that you like him/her in front of your friends.
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    You spot this girl/boy flirting with your boyfriend/girlfriend. Do you?

    • Go up to them and talk to the girl/boy then slowly move him/her away.
    • Run off crying in the toilets.
    • Go up to the girl/boy who flirted and punch them.
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    You see chewing gum on a teacher’s back. Do you?

    • Tell the teacher straight away.
    • Just ignore it and walk away.
    • Throw more chewing gum to the collection.
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    You enemy has to work with you till the end of the lesson, Do you?

    • Don’t even talk, look or work with her/him.
    • Just work with her/him, it’s only till the end of the lesson anyway.
    • Hit her/him and tell her that you hate her/him.
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    You and your friends are out shopping when you noticed your friend is wearing the same top. Do you?

    • Shout at her and ruin the top.
    • Just give it a good compliment and mention that you are wearing it too.
    • Just go into a shop and start crying.
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    You are in a busy playground and your boyfriend/girlfriend comes up to you with his arks open, do you?

    • Give him/her a big hug
    • Song the socks out of him/her!
    • Tell him/her to go away then run.
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    The head master sees you chewing gum and he is really angry, do you?

    • Say sorry then cry.
    • Run really quickly and laugh.
    • Tell him your sorry and would never do it again.
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    This person is alone at break, do you?

    • Go and sit next to her.
    • Make fun of her and shout ‘LONER!’
    • Just smile at her to make her happier.
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    Your best friend told everyone your most embarrassing secret, do you?

    • Look at her/him in the eyes then run off to the toilets crying.
    • Tell her/him that you feel hurt and say you’ll ever trust her/him again.
    • Slap her/him across the face and never be friends again.
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    Your friend’s mum has won the lottery and she is giving half to your friend. Your friend said she/he will give you a bit but she/he hasn’t for 1 week now, do you?

    • Go around to her/his house and steal it.
    • Just forget about it because it’s only a bit.
    • Never speak to her/him again and cry every night.

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