What’s your type?

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    You’re home alone on a Friday night. What are your plans?

    • Watch TV / a movie
    • Go to a party, for sure!
    • Play video games
    • Do something creative
    • Hang out with friends
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    Which best describes you, if you had to pick just one?

    • Shy and Introverted
    • Extroverted, humorous, peppy
    • Nerdy and uncool
    • Sporty and social
    • Ambivert!
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    Which color describes you best, out of these?

    • Red- Passion, anger, love
    • Yellow- Happiness, hope, optimism
    • Blue- Calm, responsible, sadness
    • Green- New beginnings, abundance, nature
    • Purple- Creativity, royalty, wealth
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    Favorite genre of music, if you had to pick?

    • Country, blues, or Christian
    • Rock or heavy metal
    • Anything alternative!
    • Pop or electronic
    • Rap, R&B, or Hip Hop
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    Are you more of an introvert, ambivert, or extrovert?

    • I don’t know, maybe somewhere in between?
    • Ambivert! Both people and alone time energize me
    • Introvert! I get my energy from alone time
    • Extrovert! People energize me the most!
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    What would you be most likely to wear?

    • Something preppy, trendy, or fashionable
    • I have my own style, honestly
    • Something casual like a t-shirt and jeans
    • Something Classy or formal!
    • Anything as long as its comfortable
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    What is your ideal pet?

    • Dog
    • Reptile
    • Fish
    • Cat
    • Maybe a rabbit or a parrot?
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    What high school trope would you fit into?

    • Alternative, eccentric, unique
    • Quiet, shy, nice, understanding
    • Jock, popular, sporty, outgoing
    • Gamer, hipster, hippie, slacker
    • Somewhat talkative, kind, loyal
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    How many friends do you have?

    • None / no real ones
    • A good amount! Not too much but not too small either
    • A small, close group of friends
    • A lot / too many to count!
    • Only one or two
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    Are you on social media? If so, how many followers/subscribers do you have?

    • Yes, I have it but I don’t use it
    • No, I don’t like social media.
    • Yes, of course! I have a lot.
    • Yes, but I only use it to talk to close friends/I keep it to myself.
    • Yeah! I have a decent amount of followers.
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    You want your significant other to be……

    • Just like me- quiet and keeps to themselves usually
    • Humorous, easy to talk to
    • Geeky / Nerdy
    • Loyal, caring, thinks of me often
    • Social and talkative
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    Do you have opinions that you feel like you need to share and get out there?

    • Yeah, some stuff I wanna share, but other stuff I don’t
    • I have opinions but I keep them to myself
    • Yes, I need to speak out about what I believe!
    • No, I don’t have any strong beliefs/opinions that I feel like sharing
    • Duh, I’m very open about it.
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    What is your favorite season and why?

    • I don’t have one/don’t care or undecided
    • Spring, the flowers are just so pretty and the weather is great!
    • Summer, I get to hang out with friends, do what I want, and best of all I’m not in school!
    • Fall, because of Halloween and leaves falling!
    • Winter, I like the cold, staying inside, and Christmas!
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    Do you believe in love at first sight?

    • Maybe? But it won’t happen to me
    • No, I do not believe in it
    • Yes! I know someone who has had it happen
    • Definitely, it’s happened to me
    • No, that’s ridiculous and only happens in the movies.
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    Are you outdoorsy, or do you prefer to stay inside?

    • I am very outdoorsy, practically always outside
    • Somewhat outdoorsy
    • I am an indoor person for sure.
    • I’m a bit of both!
    • Somewhat of an indoor person

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