What’s your type?

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    Do you like to be shown affection and love by being touched ( hugging, kissing, holding hands, etc)?

    • Yes
    • Only sometimes
    • No
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    What’s your idea for a first date?

    • Bike ride
    • Picnic and walk in the park
    • Nice dinner ($200)
  • Question of

    What color eyes does this dream date have?

    • Brown eyes
    • Green eyes
    • Hazel eyes
    • Blue eyes
    • Why do eyes matter?
  • Question of

    What color and hair style do they have?

    • I don’t know, should I know?
    • Brown and curly
    • Strait and died different colors
    • Blond and curly
  • Question of

    How tall is your lover?

    • 5′ 11
    • I already told you looks DON’T MATTER!
    • 6′ 3
  • Question of

    When is a good time for a first kiss?

    • After we have been talking for a few months
    • Whenever feels necessary
    • On the first date
  • Question of

    Are gifts necessary in a relationship?

    • Only on holidays
    • No
    • Yes
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    (girls only) When should he propose?

    • Depends on the guy
    • I am not a girl
    • Whenever the heck he wants
    • They do say love at first sight is real
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    How does your partner make you smile?

    • Going out with me
    • Buying me gifts
    • Dressing up nice
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    What style does he/she have?

    • Emo
    • Bright colors
    • Whatever I tell them to
    • Casual what everyone else wears
    • Fancy/expensive clothing

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