When will my crush fall in love with me?

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    Does your crush treat you or talk to you differently than he does other girls?

    • He treats me nicely, but no different than other girls
    • YES, he is way more charming to me than other girls
    • He rarely talks to me, if ever
    • I suppose so, but I think he is just trying to be nice, he might suspect I have a crush on him
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    Does he go out of his way to impress or charm you?

    • He treats me as if I was one of the guys, I don’t get any special treatment
    • He does not try and impress me, but he is nice to me
    • He likes to make me laugh, but his is always a funny person
    • He is always trying to impress me or make me laugh
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    Have you ever talked or even joked about dating?

    • Yes, and he seemed happy with the idea
    • He wouldn’t even think of me as an option of someone to date
    • Yes, but he was joking, but maybe he wasn’t joking at all
    • No, or when we talked about it, he said it as if it was the funniest thing ever
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    Has he ever declared his love for you?

    • He says he loves me as a friend
    • He said he was in love with me, but as a joke
    • He doesn’t say I love you to anyone because he is secretly a crab and they can not speak
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    Have you ever kissed him

    • I have not kissed him but we have held hands before lol this is sad:(
    • I would be too afraid he would accidentally pinch me with his claws
    • I kissed him one time without thinking, he kissed back and we never talked about it after that
    • Of course I have kissed him, we have been happily married with 3 children for 12 years
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    When he told you he was in love with you, what were his eyes saying

    • Cabbages
    • I want to stay with you for the rest of my life, you are my forever girl
    • I don’t care if you turn into the moon to replace a dead fish I will still love you
    • What is happening I feel like my brain has a mind of its own
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    Does he agree on your opinion that Katara and Aang belong together, or does he think Zuko and Katara would make a good couple?

    • He has never seen ‘Avatar: The Last Airbender’ because he lives inside of the beach, not on it, but inside of it.
    • He thinks that Zuko and Katara would have made a good couple, but not as good as him and you
    • He thinks Aang and Katara belong together, and also thinks that Sokka and Suki are a total power couple and belong together, and Katara and Zuko would most likely end up in an unhappy marriage
    • He thinks that Katara and Aang belong together, but its weird that Aang is shorter that Katara
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    Does he think that if you are not a kid you can not watch kid shows?

    • He has never watched TV, where he comes from, you are lucky if you are able to avoid that touch of mans finger for your whole life
    • NO WAY, he is not a stupid fatty
    • He thinks that everything should stay where it belongs and that if anyone does not follow the suggested age of a lego set then the will be judged by everyone ever
    • No, but he is not interested in kids shows either
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    Has he ever ask you to do something you were afraid of doing, like jumping off the high dive at the pool, or stuff like that, even though he knew that you were embarrassed to have to decline an offer to do it

    • Clippy Clappy claw things may break my bones, but word can never hurt me, because I have no soul
    • Yes but he apologized when he realized he had hurt my feelings
    • No, he would never hurt me, because he know if he does, I would pack my bags immediately, and leave with Timmy, because the other 2 kids know he is my favorite and I would move to Chicago and start a new life where Timmy can join a better basketball team than the one in the old hick town
    • No
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    Do you think he might like me

    • His brain isn’t big enough to process emotions, let alone like someone
    • Well he did marry me didn’t he
    • I guess but you never can tell with them boys
    • Yes
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    Do you think you like this guy?

    • Yes! I really do.
    • Well no. But this guy is really cool.
    • I don’t know.
    • I don’t think so! I don’t even know what am I doing here?
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    How often do you think about him?

    • I rarely think of him.
    • Quite often.
    • Only when I see him.
    • Just a few times during the day.
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    When you see him, how do you act/feel?

    • I just look at him and smile, and he smiles back 🙂 Or I go up and talk to him/he comes up and talks to me.
    • I turn away/or blush!
    • I stare at him the whole time, but he never looks at me.
    • My heart beats so much and I get funny happy feelings.
    • I don’t really feel anything, I act casual.
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    Have you both made eye contact?

    • Yeah, we do it all the time, when we talk to each other.
    • We’ve never made eye contact. 🙁
    • Yes! And we stared into each others eyes for what seemed like forever!
    • We’ve only made eye contact a couple of times…
    • What?
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    When you walk past/near each other, what do you do?

    • We smile and say hi.
    • We both look at each other, that’s it.
    • I never really see him.
    • Usually we talk for a bit.
    • I sometimes see him, but I only look at him for like a second.
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    When you are walking by, do you sometimes look for him?

    • Sometimes…
    • Yes, I do that basically all the time, I always wanna see him.
    • Uhh… No.
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    Do you dream about being with him in the future?

    • No, not really.
    • Yeah, we go out and have tones of fun together. 🙂
    • Yeah, he asks me out. 🙂
    • Yep, we have kids and everything or we get married.
    • Umm… sometimes, but we only talk and stuff.
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    If you could only see him once a month, how would you feel?

    • OMG! I’d panic, well I’d be really sad.
    • Oh well, if it happens, it happens.
    • I usually see him less than that, so, yeah I would!
    • Well, that’s how often I see him now, so…
    • What? Am I supposed to feel something?
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    When you see him talking to other girls you feel:

    • Bit angry, but you don’t really care that much.
    • You feel like your heart is being broken.
    • He is allowed to talk to girls. Why should I care?
    • You wanna whack the face off that bitch!
    • Com’on. Why would I care?
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    Do you wanna smile at him but can’t?

    • No, I don’t want him to see me smile at him!
    • I smile at him all the time, I love it!
    • I wanna, but every time we make eye contact I get nervous and can’t.
    • No Way! What does that even mean?
    • No, man. I don’t think that way.
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    Do you wish you could just walk up to him and give him a hug?

    • What!?
    • Yeah, definitely!
    • Yes!… I mean that would be cute.

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