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    How confident are you??

    • I am very loud and confident!
    • I am confident when I’m on the pitch and playing sports
    • I’m not confident
    • I’m confident but not too loud
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    What do you do in your spare time?

    • I love doing dance and music
    • I love to act
    • I have many different sport activities
    • I love English and art
    • I love doing my own experiments
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    If you had money what would you buy?

    • Maybe a dance kit or a new song
    • I’m not sure ; whatever I see that I like
    • Some new trainers or gym outfit
    • Art supplies or a book
    • I’d either save it up or buy science or math stuff
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    What are you constantly doing? (A habit)?

    • I’m always humming a song or accidentally going over choreo
    • I always do random voices and impressions
    • I can never stay still
    • I’m always daydreaming
    • I always share my knowledge with people but it might get annoying
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    What does your wardrobe look like?

    • There’s lots of dance kit then clothes for school
    • I have loads of costume and just school clothes
    • Loads of sports gear
    • Harry Potter merch, duh!
    • I just wear whatever. Lots of my clothes are ruined in experiments
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    How would you describe your group of friends?(act like your friends are like you if you all have different interests)?

    • We love to listen to music and make dance routines
    • We join in with school productions
    • We’re always in sports clubs
    • Lots of us are reading or doodling
    • We always have loads of fun and sometimes have complicated conversations
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    What career do you want in the future? (If the answer you want isn’t covered pick the closest)?

    • I’d love to dance or sing! Entertaining people is my life!
    • I’d hope to be an actor
    • Something to do with sports. Whether I’m an athlete or physiotherapist; anything to do with that
    • I’d love to write stories/ I’d love to draw ; architecture seems cool
    • I’d love to be a doctor or accountant!
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    There’s a school production ; how do you help out?

    • I would be part of the chorus. This is where you dance/ sing in the back
    • I’d try out for a main role ; if that doesn’t work out I’d be happy with a small part
    • I dunno, maybe I’d help carry things on the stage.
    • I’d ask to help with the script or paint/ design props
    • I’m not sure. My talents don’t really lie in this area but I’d help the school with finances and cost/ selling of tickets
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    You have a homework assignment – what do you do?

    • I would try to quickly do it after dance or singing. It’s hard but my mum(mom) helps
    • I’d ask if I could do a presentation in front of the class
    • I wouldn’t do it, to be honest
    • I would hand write and draw the whole thing my self
    • I’d do it on the computer and include statistics and loads of analysed diagrams
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    What’s you favourite subject area?

    • Performing arts
    • English and history ; those sort of things
    • Art or technology
    • Science or maths
    • Sports

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