Where Is My Dream Guy?

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    It’s Hat Day! What do you wear?

    • My boyfriend’s motorcycle helmet
    • A tiara, jokingly being childish
    • Hats aren’t my thing.
    • Fedora or cap
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    Does your dream guy want to go bowling?

    • Yes, he loves it, like all other sports!
    • He’s too cool for bowling.
    • Whatever
    • He’ll do it if I want to
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    What does your dream guy do after school?

    • Walks me home
    • Graffiti Downtown Buildings
    • Football practice
    • Get on the bus?
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    What is your dream guy wearing when you see him walk down the hall?

    • Button-Up Shirt with suspenders, bowtie, and big glasses
    • Nike sneakers with athletic shorts
    • Leather jacket and black jeans
    • Shirts, pants, shoes, normal stuff
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    Why did you take this quiz?

    • I guess I thought it would be fun!
    • Because I need to find where my dream guy hangs out
    • I took it because I need to figure out where I will find my dreamy dream guy
    • It was either this or homework
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    What types of features do your dream guy have?

    • Dark (Dark hair, dark eyes, & dark leather jackets!)
    • Light (Blonde hair, blue or green eyes)
    • Hair, eyes, a nose, normal things?
    • Different (red, dyed strangely, something you don’t see every day)
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    Your favorite color is?

    • Red is a nice color.
    • Black!
    • I like them all.
    • Purple & yellow for the Lakers!
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    What’s your favorite music type?

    • Rock, Hip Hop, and Rap
    • Electronic/Dance
    • Classical or School Band Music can be entertaining at times.
    • I love to hear all types of music!
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    What is a perfect name for your dream guy?

    • Benny and Ethan are good names.
    • Spike, Snake, something unique!
    • Zack, Stephen, something nice like that
    • Why do I care about his name?
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    What instrument does your dream guy play?

    • Clarinet, flute, trombone, a band or orchestra instrument he can play romantic music on
    • My dream guy isn’t musical, sorry!
    • He’s in a rock band, so he plays electric instruments.
    • He played the recorder in elementary school, but since he plays so many sports, he doesn’t have time to learn to play much of anything.

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