Where Will You Live In The Future?


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    Which is the closest to where you live now?

    • A mansion with a pimped-out pool
    • A normal house in a normal neighborhood
    • A trailer park
    • A ranch house on a farm
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    Which is closest to the kind of family you want to have?

    • My kids, my husband/wife, and our farm animals
    • A daughter, a son, a mom, and a dad
    • No family
    • One daughter/son who’s spoiled rotten
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    Which job is closest to the one you want to have?

    • The skateboard shop is closing, but I still work there
    • A singer/actor/artist/dancer/model
    • I’ll work on a computer in an office
    • The farm
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    Which is closest to your preferred vacation?

    • The abandoned trailer park down the block
    • My yacht with my servants and friends
    • I can’t leave the farm. The animals need care
    • A tropical island where the family can spend time together
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    Are you a social person?

    • I have friends over from time to time
    • It’s a red carpet party every night
    • My main company is the raccoon that digs through our trash
    • Does talking to the cows count?
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    If you were forced to move to a new state, which one of these would you choose?

    • California – Hollywood to be more exact
    • Alaska – not too many people. It’s perfect
    • Anywhere I can keep my farm animals safe
    • Michigan – nothing too fancy, but nothing too boring
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    Would your kids help pick where they live?

    • Of course…I want them to be entertained, after all
    • If the pigs are happy, I’m happy
    • What kids? My only family are the hobos!
    • I’ll choose, but they can give their opinions
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    Do you live in a big house and are always alone, or a small house where everyone is always together?

    • The hobos and I get together every holiday
    • We live in an average house and spend an average amount of time together
    • My house is huge, but I’m alone in it
    • Everyone comes to the country for the holidays
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    Out of these, where do you think you’ll live?

    • I’m a star – I’ll live in a mansion, obviously
    • The farm is the only way to go for me
    • A trailer – small but cozy
    • We’ll be one of those perfect, normal families, like on TV
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    Lastly, did you like this quiz?

    • I don’t know, but my servant who took it for me said it was awesome
    • It was terrible! I should have stayed outside with the cows!
    • It wasn’t the best, but I’ve taken worse
    • It was OK

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