Which BLACKPINK Member are you?

  • Question of

    What’s for Breakfast, Unnie?

    • Pancakes, want some?
    • I don’t know… toast?
    • Make it yourself, I’m too lazy.
    • I made some eggs, just wait 5 minutes for plating.
    • Breakfast is overrated, right?
    • I’m thinking Brunch!
    • Let’s go to a restaurant.
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    Unnie, wanna watch something BLACKPINK with me?

    • BLACKPINK House. It gets me really nostalgic.
    • BLACKPINK Diaries! I was so happy all the worldwide BLINKS were able to meet them…
    • 24/365 with BLACKPINK. Finally, a full Album!
    • Interviews. It’s fun getting to know more about them with straight answers.
    • Light up the Sky. The Netflix Documentary. I loved it!!!!!!
    • Other
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    What is your bedroom like?

    • Immaculate. I’m a neat kind of person, everything in the right place.
    • Annoyingly messy.
    • Cluttered. No space? Start stacking.
    • Organized Chaos. It looks like a mess, but I know where everything goes.
    • Normal, I guess. Not particularly neat, but not messy either.
    • Mixed. Some areas are messy, some are cleaned up.
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    If I was famous…

    • I would be a red-carpet actor/actress
    • I would be an Author
    • I would be in a K-Pop Group! DUH!
    • I would be a K-Pop Solo-ist.
    • I would be a singer, but not K-Pop.
    • A Model.
    • An Artist ( Art )
    • A Politician
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    Classic Question: How would you describe yourself?

    • Funny
    • Smart
    • Sweet
    • Independant
  • Question of

    You gon’ finna catch me!

    • ???
    • How is that a question?
    • Catch who?
    • I think that’s a lyric…
    • As if it’s your last….
    • Forever Young
    • Give you all of this, baby, call me pretty and nasty!
    • What you gonna do when I come come through with that that Uh, uh–huh
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    So far, not a lot of personality questions. More, BLACKPINK general knowledge, right? Sorry about that… just keep going.I hate that…

    • I can be a bit bossy…
    • Sometimes I have to leave a situation as it is, don’t always try to make things light
    • I always have to help everyone. I love my friends, but sometimes I do need a break.
    • Did I make the right choice?
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    Favorite Color

    • BLACK
    • PINK
    • BLUE
    • WHITE
    • PURPLE
    • GREEN
  • Question of


    • Jennie
    • Jisoo
    • Chaeyoung
    • Lalisa
    • None. I am just taking this quiz to make fun of BLACKPINK. I hate them.
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    BLACK or PINK?

    • BLACK. I love their SAVAGE Concept.
    • PINK. I love their cutesy style.
  • Question of

    Fav part of an outfit.

    • Dress
    • Skirt
    • Jeans
    • Clothes? I enjoy the Thrill of the SHOP!!!
    • Don’t care, just not naked.
    • Shirt
    • Shoes

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