Which Celebrity Is The Male Version Of You?



It was not about being helpless and depending on someone else, unlike the old conventional centered around a love interest kind of a movie it was about a young woman exploring herself and what she wants to do. Another brilliant example would be Frozen, where they challenge the stereotype of the handsome prince by making him the villain and giving the love interest very little of the screen time.

Further Disney also challenged all the previous stereotypes it incorporated in the fairy tales in the trailer of ‘Wreck it Ralph 2’; in which Belle from The Beauty and the Beast was shown as a opinionated lady who is fearless of the beast and nothing like a damsel in distress. Its not us feminism that Disney is focused about but also mental health. The movie ‘Inside Out’ addressed issues of mental health and emotions despite of being a kid’s movie.

Such remarkable characters and with even more yet to come Disney as indeed helped everyone make some beautiful memories which one can cherish no matter how much they grow up.

“Visionary feminism is a wise and loving politics. It is rooted in the love of male and female being, refusing to privilege one over the other. The soul of feminist politics is the commitment to ending patriarchal domination of women and men, girls and boys. Love cannot exist in any relationship that is based on domination and coercion. Males cannot love themselves in patriarchal culture if their very self-definition relies on submission to patriarchal rules. When men embrace feminist thinking and practice, which emphasizes the value of mutual growth and self-actualization in all relationships, their emotional well-being will be enhanced. A genuine feminist politics always brings us from bondage to freedom, from lovelessness to loving.”
― bell hooks

“Emotional neglect lays the groundwork for the emotional numbing that helps boys feel better about being cut off. Eruptions of rage in boys are most often deemed normal, explained by the age-old justification for adolescent patriarchal misbehavior, “Boys will be boys.” Patriarchy both creates the rage in boys and then contains it for later use, making it a resource to exploit later on as boys become men. As a national product, this rage can be garnered to further imperialism, hatred and oppression of women and men globally. This rage is needed if boys are to become men willing to travel around the world to fight wars without ever demanding that other ways of solving conflict can be found.”
― bell hooks

“Because women don’t have to be men’s equals to be considered contenders; they have to be better. That’s the lie of it all. You have to be better to prove yourself worthy of being equal.”
― Mackenzi Lee, The Lady’s Guide to Petticoats and Piracy

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    Your agent wants you to date a starlet in order to ‘diversify your brand.’ Who will you be seen holding hands with?

    • Emma Stone
    • Gemma Chan
    • Kristen Stewart
    • Aubrey Plaza
  • Question of

    Unfortunately, even male stars have to diet. When it comes to snacks, what’s your biggest guilty pleasure?

    • Reese’s Pieces
    • Gourmet potato chips
    • Cheesy puffs
    • Butterfingers
  • Question of

    You’re promoting your most recent film. How do you dress for the red carpet?

    • A light summer suit, blue Oxford shirt and desert boots
    • A chunky sweater, motorcycle boots and perfectly fitted jeans
    • A tight red T-shirt, black jeans and Yeezy sneakers
    • A classic blue suit, white shirt, skinny tie and lace-up dress shoes
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    It’s time to pick a famous buddy. Which of your fellow male celebs will you be hanging out with?

    • Tobey Maguire
    • Daniel Craig
    • Liam Hemsworth
    • Hannibal Buress
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    The director of your latest film wants to cast a classic Hollywood star to play your dad. Who do you hope the director chooses?

    • Harrison Ford
    • Sidney Poitier
    • Jackie Chan
    • Clint Eastwood
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    As a fabulously wealthy star, you have access to the world’s greatest resorts. Where would you go to relax and frolic?

    • A Myanmar spa
    • An exclusive beach resort in Madagascar
    • A Hong Kong penthouse suite
    • The French Riviera
  • Question of

    You’re asked to do a nude scene by a celebrated art house director, such as Lars von Trier or Wes Anderson. Do you say yes or no?

    • I say yes. I look great, plus it will make me seem very serious and artistic!
    • I say no. Even art film nudity is usually gratuitous.
    • I say no because my image is all about my wholesomeness. I can’t go nude until later in my career.
    • I say no because I don’t want my mom to see me nude. Hey, it’s a realistic concern!
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    Most stars have a ‘deep’ quote that they like to trot out for interviews. What would yours be?

    • ‘I love being Canadian. I think growing up in Canada gives you a world perspective that I really enjoy.’
    • ‘Waking up in truth is so much better than living in a lie.”
    • ‘I believe in the saying, ‘If you aim at nothing, you’re going to hit nothing.’ So if you don’t set goals, then you have nowhere to go.’
    • ‘Nobody in life gets exactly what they thought they were going to get. But if you work really hard and you’re kind, amazing things will happen.’
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    Would you rather be famous for your skill as a comedic actor or your dramatic acting chops?

    • Comedic actors don’t win Oscars.
    • Ooh, I want to be good at both!
    • Uh, I don’t know if I have the skills for either, so I’ll settle for being in movies that do well at the box office.
    • My dream is to be one of the greatest comedians of all time.
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    What would you look like?

    • I’d be medium height, with blond hair and a lean, fit body.
    • I’d be tall, rough around the edges and very physically powerful.
    • I’d be short and athletic, with an adorable face.
    • I’d be very tall and thin, with stupendous hair.
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    Which famous actress would you briefly date?

    • Rachel McAdams
    • Madonna
    • Lily Collins
    • Lisa Kudrow
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    What would you be famous for?

    • I’d be a child star that made the transition to acclaimed dramatic film roles.
    • I’d be a cable TV hottie with a habit of starring in thrilling crime dramas.
    • I’d be an adorable young actor with a rabid teenage fan base.
    • I’d be a hilarious talk show host with the chops to appear on all the best comedy podcasts.
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    Let’s say you’re an A-list actor with your pick of projects. What kind of movies or TV shows would you appear in?

    • A blend of rom-coms and ‘thoughtful’ Oscar bait
    • ‘Avengers’ movies in the U.S., gritty British period dramas in the UK
    • Any franchise with a love triangle
    • A cute Netflix travel show
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    In an interview, you’re asked how you prepared for your hardest role. Which ridiculous thing did you do to make your portrayal more ‘realistic’?

    • I took the same job as my character and worked it for a month.
    • I gained or lost 30 pounds.
    • I went on a meditation retreat and didn’t talk for seven days.
    • Um, it’s just acting. No need to be so dramatic about it.
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    You’re on a long flight from London to L.A. Which self-help book will you use to while away the time?

    • ‘Rich Dad, Poor Dad’
    • ‘The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up’
    • ‘Man’s Search for Meaning’ by Viktor Frankl
    • ‘Blink: The Power of Thinking Without Thinking’

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