Which Character Are You in Netflix’s New Hit ‘Ginny Georgia’?

Guy Fieri has a recipe for Trash Can Nachos, and the concept is exactly as outlandish as it sounds. It’s not simply a few layers of chips topped with melted shredded cheese. It’s a tower of tortilla chips layered with carne asada, beans, salsa, red onion, jalapeo, and Cotija cheese, then soldered together with a roux-based cheese sauce made with four other types of cheese and heavy cream. It’s clearly nachos, but it’s also so much more, crowd-pleasing but also divisive, and crammed with unnecessary ingredients. Except that if you removed something, it would become less fully itself.

Trash Can Nachos are the most evocative of the new Netflix series Ginny & Georgia. It’s an hour-long drama about Georgia (Brianne Howey), a woman with a checkered past and two children who relocates to an affluent suburban community in Massachusetts in search of a new beginning. Ginny (Antonia Gentry) was born when Georgia was only 15, and the Gilmore Girls mom and daughter are palpably more like sisters. It also appears to be intentional, given the title’s double-G hit and the quirky town setting. Although the Gilmore Girls comparison is obvious and Ginny & Georgia readily invites it, that comparison is only one layer of what Ginny & Georgia are doing. To call it a Gilmore rip-off is akin to describing Trash Can Nachos with the phrase, “Oh yeah, they’re like most nachos you’d make for yourself on a typical day.”

Because Ginny & Georgia is about so much more than the tense dynamics between a mother and her unusually young daughter. As the show delves into Georgia’s past, which includes a smorgasbord of illegal activity, Georgia begins to conceal her activities in the present, and the show transforms into a crime drama. When Ginny makes friends at her new school, the show shifts into light teen drama mode; however, when they party hard and Ginny commits some frightening self-harm, the teen drama takes a much darker turn. Georgia begins working for the town’s mayor (Scott Porter), and the series becomes more of a local political dramedy during those episodes. Throughout, the series is heavily influenced by which of Ginny and Georgia’s numerous love interests they are most attracted to, and in those segments, it’s comedy with a strong dash of brooding romance. Additionally, Ginny has a younger brother named Austin (Diesel La Torraca), who alternates between being an endearing, socially awkward Harry Potter fan and frighteningly comfortable with violent behaviour.

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    To begin, how would you characterise your style?

    • Naturally, a designer.
    • Jeans and a tee
    • Bright and bold
    • I’m not sure; it all depends on my mood.
  • Question of

    And how would your acquaintances characterise you?

    • Rather introverted
    • Stunning
    • Intelligent
    • Adorable
  • Question of

    What is your favourite subject in school?

    • Theatrical
    • Music
    • Psychology
    • English
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    Which beverage is your preference?

    • Milk
    • Coffee
    • Carbonated water
    • Wine
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    Where can we find you at ‘sophomore sleepover’?

    • On the dance floor
    • People Watching
    • Taking refuge in the bathroom
    • Wherever my friends are
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    How is your romantic life?

    • Constantly evolving
    • I am not the typical relationship type.
    • Confronted with a love triangle
    • It simply doesn’t exists..
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    And how about the ideal first date?

    • A party
    • A posh restaurant
    • A skateboarding park
    • A coffeehouse

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