Which Disney Boyfriend are you destined to be with?

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    Which of these words describes your love life?

    • It’s nonexistent.
    • It’s great.
    • It’s not the best.
    • It could be better.
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    What is your favorite animated Disney movie?

    • Beauty and the Beast.
    • Frozen.
    • The Little Mermaid.
    • The Lion King.
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    Which of these live action films did you enjoy watching?

    • Cinderella.
    • The Jungle Book.
    • Christopher Robin.
    • Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales.
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    Which Disney song would you play at your wedding?

    • Something’s There.
    • Can You Feel the Love Tonight.
    • Kiss the Girl.
    • A Whole New World.
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    Which sidekick would be your wingman?

    • Abu and the magic carpet
    • Meeko and Flit
    • Lumiere and Cogsworth
    • Timon and Pumbaa
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    Which of these villains will you and your sidekick take down together?

    • Ursula
    • Prince Hans
    • Dr. Facilier
    • Jafar
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    Are you a hopeless romantic?

    • No.
    • Yes.
    • I can be.
    • I’m a closet hopeless romantic.
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    What is your usual type?

    • The athletic type
    • The quiet and sensitive type
    • The funny type
    • I don’t have a type.
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    Which of these traits do you like in a guy?

    • Creativity
    • Kindness
    • Charisma
    • Humor
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    Your partner needs to be ___________.

    • Confident
    • Intelligent
    • Good-looking
    • Fashionable
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    You’re hoping that your partner isn’t secretly ________.

    • Talkative
    • Messy
    • A mama’s boy
    • Bad in bed
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    Which of these is a dealbreaker?

    • Neediness
    • Lack of ambition
    • Laziness
    • No sense of humor
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    Which of these body types are you most attracted to?

    • Muscular
    • Chubby
    • Lean
    • It doesn’t matter to me
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    Which of these features do you like most?

    • Ripped muscles
    • Bright eyes
    • Very tall
    • A nice smile
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    How do you feel about facial hair?

    • I love it.
    • Once it’s well-groomed, we’re good.
    • I don’t mind a little hair.
    • No thank you.

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