Which Disney (Girl) Character Are You?


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    What do you find yourself doing lately?

    • Trying to bring honour to your family
    • Getting into mischief
    • Going out on adventures
    • Reading books
    • Trying to get out more
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    Which best describes your dream prince charming?

    • Someone stern on the outside but sweet on the outside
    • Sweet and charming
    • Someone handsome and of a different race
    • Someone totally different from you, but it’s forbidden
    • Cute, fun, and adventurous
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    How do you wear your hair?

    • Layers or bangs
    • Depends on what the occasion is
    • Long and straight
    • Wavy or curly
    • In a bun or ponytail
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    Pick a fairytale creature you like the most.

    • A fairy
    • A dragon
    • A mermaid
    • Talking trees
    • A talking mouse
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    What animal describes you most?

    • A snake/lizard
    • A bird
    • A puppy
    • A monkey
    • A fish
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    Pick a song!

    • “You Can Fly”
    • “Dream is A Wish Your Heart Makes”
    • “Colors of the Wind”
    • “Reflection”
    • “Part of Your World”
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    Pick the Disney star you’re most like.

    • Selena Gomez
    • Vanessa Anne Hudgens
    • Ashley Tisdale
    • Emily Osment
    • There are more than one
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    Where do you stand with your friends?

    • I’m independent but love meeting new people but my family is important to me also
    • I love to follow my best friend but I get jealous if she/he hangs out with anyone else
    • I like having adventures on my own
    • The world keeps me away from people
    • My family are my friends but they’re very strict on who I hang out with
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    Where do you find your adventures?

    • I don’t get out much
    • In a different world
    • By trying something new
    • Books
    • Outdoors
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    How do you describe yourself?

    • Shy
    • Your still trying to find out who you really are
    • Adventurous
    • The fun but sometimes jealous/hot-tempered type
    • Headstrong

Which Disney Character Are You Most Like?

Which Disney character are you?