Which Disney Villain are you when you get mad?



There were many interesting characters who were the childhood crush of women from all over the world.

Let us discuss a few of them.

1.Aladdin – A fictional character of the Walt Disney Picture’s 31st animated feature film Aladdin released in 1992. It is based on a folk tale of the Middle-East region. The character has been voiced by Scott Weinger. His other appearances include The Return of Jafar and Aladdin and the King of Thieves. Aladdin has no formal education and has learned by living on the streets of Agrabah. He used to steal food from the market to survive. Born to Kasim and his wife he was their only son. His father left them when he was an infant. Like other Disney characters, Aladdin is a quick-witted and a caring person. Though the good part is that he is not without his imperfections. He often had to steal food and other things, though it was never for any malicious intents and he only did that for survival. Aladdin is also considered to be one of the most recognized characters of the Disney World.

2.Gaston – As you might have expected it is also a fictional character from Walt Disney Pictures’ 30th animated film Beauty and The Beast. He is voiced by Richard White. He is an arrogant hunter who had fallen in love with Belle. However, he felt jealous since Belle had feelings for the Beast. He is considered to be the foil character of the Beast. He was one of the most memorable villains of the Disney World. Though some critics don’t regard it as significant as other Disney villains. The character is based on the screenwriter Linda Woolverton’s ex-boyfriends. Hence you would see a touch of reality in that character. There are many other memorable characters in Beauty and the Beast.

There are many more important characters that we will discuss it in some of our other posts. I hope to see you in my next article.
“If you don’t believe in yourself, who will?’ ~Maybeck”
Ridley Pearson,

“A true hero isn’t measured by the size of his strength, but by the size of his heart.”

“Just keep swimming.”

“The very things that held you down are gonna carry you up and up and up.”
Timothy Mouse

“Of all of our inventions for mass communication, pictures still speak the most universally understood language.”
Walt Disney

“Be careful what you wear to bed, because you never know where you might wake up.”
Ridley Pearson,

“Everything’s just fucking
Nenia Campbell,

“I had a friend in college who loved to say: ‘If you can dream it, you can do it.’ It became my mantra. I assumed it was a pearl of wisdom from some great thinker, a philosopher perhaps, like Descartes. It turned out to be Walt Disney, which in no way diminishes the wisdom of the advice. Anyone who can build a Magic Kingdom deserves to be listened to.”
Michele Gorman,

“Yet the only girl who’d love him is his mother…’ – A Girl Worth Fighting For (song)”
David Zippel

“I knew from that moment on that all the fairy tale bullshit I was fed by Disney and everyone else was nonexistent. I stopped looking for it, got more realistic, and I’ve been fine. Until now,” I look up into Corbin’s eyes. “Until you.”
Kandi Steiner,

“It’s Halloween, you can tell everyone you’re going as your favorite Steampunck character.”
Girl vs Monster

“Nothing is more important than our friendship.”
Sully Monsters Inc

“We could stay. You could sleep it off and we can still go to Disney with everyone tomorrow. Don’t you want to go to Fantasyland?” I batted my eyelashes.
Rachael Wade,

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    Where would you like to go on a date?

    • The beach
    • A fancy restaurant
    • A sports bar
    • A fast food place
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    How much do you worry about money?

    • Not much
    • A lot
    • A little
    • Not at all
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    Did you compare yourself to others?

    • Not really
    • All the time
    • Only to former versions of myself
    • No
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    What do you hate most?

    • Immaturity
    • Insubordination
    • Stupidity
    • Rhyming
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    Do you like getting dressed up for Halloween?

    • It’s fine.
    • I hate Halloween.
    • I’d prefer not to.
    • I love it!
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    What is your favorite thing to eat?

    • Fish
    • Caviar
    • French cheese
    • Ham
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    What would you do if you lost your keys?

    • Sulk
    • Blame myself
    • Text my mom to let me in
    • Stand outside yelling
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    Are you into shoes?

    • Meh
    • Yes
    • Sometimes
    • No
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    Describe your dream home:

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    • A mansion
    • A nice house in the country
    • A cottage in the woods
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    Describe your style:

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    • Elegant
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    • Outdoorsy
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    How good-looking do you think you are?

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    • Not very
    • Extremely good-looking
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    What percent evil are you when you’re angry?

    • 75%
    • 90%
    • 50%
    • 100%
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    What do you do for exercise?

    • Swim
    • Spin class
    • Lift weights
    • Run
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    What do you want more of?

    • Peace of mind
    • Money
    • Prestige
    • Accomplishments
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    How often do you lie?

    • Pretty often
    • Sometimes
    • Not very often
    • All the time

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