Which Disney Villain Would Fall For You?



There were many interesting characters who were the childhood crush of women from all over the world.

Let us discuss a few of them.

1.Aladdin – A fictional character of the Walt Disney Picture’s 31st animated feature film Aladdin released in 1992. It is based on a folk tale of the Middle-East region. The character has been voiced by Scott Weinger. His other appearances include The Return of Jafar and Aladdin and the King of Thieves. Aladdin has no formal education and has learned by living on the streets of Agrabah. He used to steal food from the market to survive. Born to Kasim and his wife he was their only son. His father left them when he was an infant. Like other Disney characters, Aladdin is a quick-witted and a caring person. Though the good part is that he is not without his imperfections. He often had to steal food and other things, though it was never for any malicious intents and he only did that for survival. Aladdin is also considered to be one of the most recognized characters of the Disney World.

2.Gaston – As you might have expected it is also a fictional character from Walt Disney Pictures’ 30th animated film Beauty and The Beast. He is voiced by Richard White. He is an arrogant hunter who had fallen in love with Belle. However, he felt jealous since Belle had feelings for the Beast. He is considered to be the foil character of the Beast. He was one of the most memorable villains of the Disney World. Though some critics don’t regard it as significant as other Disney villains. The character is based on the screenwriter Linda Woolverton’s ex-boyfriends. Hence you would see a touch of reality in that character. There are many other memorable characters in Beauty and the Beast.

There are many more important characters that we will discuss it in some of our other posts. I hope to see you in my next article.

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  • Question of

    What gift will your date give you?

    • Roses
    • Pearls
    • Chocolates
    • Brooch
  • Question of

    What will your date read to you?

    • Poem
    • A quote they found in a book
    • Their own writing
    • A meme
  • Question of

    Where will you meet for the date?

    • A steakhouse with a wine list
    • Ice Cream Parlour
    • 24 Hour Diner
    • Seafood Buffet
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    What do you usually do after a first date?

    • Kiss
    • Hug
    • Shake hands
    • Go home with them
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    What drink does your date order you?

    • Hot Cocoa
    • A mysterious green cocktail
    • Fire Whiskey
    • Clamato Ceasar
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    Are you impressed by the end of the date?

    • Sort of
    • Yes
    • No, I’m outta here
    • Yes, if they pay the bill
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    Which transportation will you take to get to your next locale?

    • Ship
    • Horse
    • Teleport
    • Magic Carpet
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    What’s your ideal first date?

    • Coffee or some other setting where we can get to know one another.
    • Something special that they planned with me in mind.
    • Hot air balloons. And concerts. Maybe a road trip.
    • Classic dinner and a movie are fine.
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    What would you say is your best quality?

    • I’m a great relationship-builder.
    • I care deeply about others.
    • I’m excited about life.
    • I’m logical and great at planning.
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    Which trait is most important to you in a partner?

    • Willingness to put in effort
    • Thoughtfulness
    • A sense of adventure
    • Rational decision-making
  • Question of

    It’s time to meet your partner’s family for the first time. How are you feeling?

    • I’m nervous; it’s important to me that we have a good relationship.
    • I’m okay; I’d do anything for my partner.
    • I’m good! I love meeting new people.
    • I’m okay. We’ve been planning this for a while so I could brace myself.
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    Which physical aspect is most attractive to you in a partner?

    • Arms
    • Eyes
    • Smile
    • Shoulders
  • Question of

    How do you want to spend your first anniversary with your partner?

    • Going back and repeating our first date
    • It doesn’t matter, as long as they’ve planned something thoughtful.
    • On a new, crazy adventure!
    • A quiet, classic celebration together is fine.
  • Question of

    How do you feel about marriage?

    • Great, as long as we have a great connection.
    • Good, as long as the people in our lives approve.
    • It depends on the day.
    • If we’d been together for a long time and weighed our options, I’d be open to it.

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