Which Female Harry Potter Character Are You?


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    Who are your friends at school?

    • A close group of nice people-but you drift around by yourself a lot
    • A couple of people whom you feel really comfortable around
    • Some people in your class to giggle with
    • Who knows? You’re too gorgeous to care!
    • Everybody! You’re really popular!
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    What is your best known trait?

    • Your wide-eyed, dreamy stare
    • Your shiny hair and shy smile
    • Your cleverness
    • Your captivating, perfectly structured face
    • Your charming personality and good looks
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    What type of boys do you like?

    • The responsible, smart types
    • The ‘friends before lovers’ types
    • There’s not really a ‘type’. You like variety (=
    • The good-looking, popular types
    • Boys? Not really interested…
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    What would be your perfect day?

    • Reading a book in a cosy place with no interruptions
    • Doing fun stuff with your friends
    • With your family, somewhere enjoyable
    • Going out with your boyfriend to a cute little teashop
    • Doing whatever hobby you specialize in
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    What would your patronus be?

    • A galloping horse
    • A swift otter
    • A jumping hare
    • A beautiful cat
    • A graceful swan
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    How many boyfriends have you had?

    • One / Two
    • None
    • Many but now you have found one TRUE love
    • Just a few
    • Lots!
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    Do you have any siblings?

    • An older sibling/s
    • No [and you’re okay with that]
    • Nope [and it gets quite lonely sometimes]
    • Yes! WAY too many brothers/sisters!
    • A younger sibling/s
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    What is your hair like?

    • Very long and perfect
    • Blonde
    • Black
    • Brown
    • Red
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    What is your favorite kind of reading material?

    • A book in another language
    • A thick, interesting novel
    • A magazine on fashion and celebrities
    • A love story
    • A non-fiction book on fascinating animals
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    What is your favorite colour [out of these]?

    • Shiny silver
    • Bright green
    • Bubblegum pink
    • Periwinkle blue
    • Sunny yellow
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    When somebody is talking about you, they usually describe you as:

    • A cute girl who is easily attracted to good-looking boys
    • A dreamy, unusual-looking girl who is blatantly truthful
    • A very attractive, sporty girl who can stick up for herself and rarely ever cries
    • An ordinary girl who is too smart for her age
    • An amazingly beautiful girl who is tougher than she looks
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    What is your over all personality?

    • Dreamy-always off in your own little world!
    • A little moody
    • Quite bossy; VERY smart
    • Nice and up for anything!
    • Quite sure of yourself

Are you still a child at heart?

Are you Hermione, Ginny or Luna?