Which Gender Do You Lean Towards More?


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    Do you prefer catching things or gathering things?

    • Catching
    • Both
    • Gathering
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    Are you afraid of fire?

    • Hell, no! Burn, baby, burn!
    • The flame is pretty but I won’t go near it
    • Yes, hide the matches!
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    If your room was a mess, what would you do?

    • Clean it up right now because you have nothing else to do
    • Hate it being dirty, clean it up right away!
    • Would not care much because you’ll clean it sometime
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    How often do you shop at the mall?

    • About 3 times a month
    • Pretty often, maybe 3 times a week
    • Only when I really need something
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    Fart jokes and bathroom humour…?

    • Ewwww
    • Can be funny
    • Are hilarious
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    What is the first thing you look at in/on a car?

    • Paint job
    • Interior
    • Engine and mechanical equipment
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    What is your ideal date?

    • A candlelit dinner and some talking
    • Going to a sports game
    • Dinner and a movie
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    What do you prefer to eat?

    • Gourmet food, I love unique flavours
    • Spicy food, I love to handle pain
    • Fast food, McDonald’s is the bomb!
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    When you hear celebrity gossip on TV, you…?

    • Share the juicy gossip with anyone who will listen
    • Listen to the gossip occasionally for amusement
    • Change the channel. Who cares?
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    When you’re in a heated argument, you are most likely to…?

    • Try to win with logic and if that does not work, I start shouting
    • Yell the loudest and get the other person to shut up
    • Back down, I hate to argue

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