Which Genre of Music Completely Matches Your True Personality?



Today we will be discussing an important topic Which Musical instrument are you? Music is one of the greatest gifts to humanity. Though I know that we only had created it but in my opinion it is pretty much damn insane. It has been found in several research papers that music is good for our brain and it relaxes our mind. It is also said that we all have different tastes in music.

It might happen that you like different kind of music than me. It is pretty natural in my opinion and it happens for the very reason that we all are wired differently. For the most part, we all are the same but there is a certain part that is unique to every human being. While I do agree on the fact that most of us don’t realize our gifts and we mostly function on what the society teaches us. If we take a closer look into ourselves and introspect for a moment then we might realize our unique abilities. While more practical advice would be to try out different things.

Because only with the process of trial and error we could get near accurate results. Also, you might say that we generally don’t have time and so we would not be able to try out different things. I do agree with you on that but I would like to point out that you could first achieve financial independence before trying out different things. It is true that trying out different things and not giving time to our job has a huge amount of risk. This is why I always advice to achieve financial independence. There are also many other things to consider.
“I’m already crazy. I’m a fearless person. I think it creeps up on you. I don’t think it can be stopped. If my destiny is to lose my mind because of fame, then that’s my destiny. But my passion still means more than anything.”
Lady Gaga

“And these children that you spit on
David Bowie

“Excuse me if I have/some place in my mind/where I go time to time.”
Tom Petty

“Music is a proud, temperamental mistress. Give her the time and attention she deserves, and she is yours. Slight her and there will come a day when you call and she will not answer. So I began sleeping less to give her the time she needed.”
Patrick Rothfuss,

“I still don’t belong to anyone – I am mine.”

“If it weren’t for music, I would think that love is mortal.”
Mark Helprin,

“Popular culture is a place where pity is called compassion, flattery is called love, propaganda is called knowledge, tension is called peace, gossip is called news, and auto-tune is called singing.”
Criss Jami,

“Music is an agreeable harmony for the honor of God and the permissible delights of the soul.”
Johann Sebastian Bach

“Tell me what you listen to, and I’ll tell you who you are.”
Tiffanie DeBartolo,

“Last night I dreamt that somebody loved me.

“I am no longer afraid of becoming lost, because the journey back always reveals something new, and that is ultimately good for the artist.”
Billy Joel

“I’ve found time can heal most anything and you just might find who you’re supposed to be.”
Taylor Swift

“It was the moment I realized what music can do to people, how it can make you hurt and feel so good all at once.”
Nina LaCour,

“The times you lived through, the people you shared those times with — nothing brings it all to life like an old mix tape. It does a better job of storing up memories than actual brain tissue can do. Every mix tape tells a story. Put them together, and they can add up to the story of a life.”
Rob Sheffield,

“Start the Quiz”

  • Question of

    In one word, music makes you feel _____.

    • Happy
    • Positive
    • Reflective
  • Question of

    Which of these live music festivals would you rather go to?

    • Lollapalooza
    • Coachella
    • Stagecoach
  • Question of

    How much money would you be willing to spend on a concert ticket?

    • $25-$50
    • $100+
    • $50-$100
  • Question of

    Would you ever listen to screamo / metal music?

    • Of course!
    • I’d try it out.
    • No way!
  • Question of

    Would you enjoy going to the opera?

    • No way, boring!
    • Sure, why not.
    • Yes, definitely!
  • Question of

    How loud do you like to listen to you music?

    • With the volume somewhere in the middle
    • With the volume all the day down
    • With the volume all the way up
  • Question of

    Which era’s music do you enjoy the most?

    • 50s or 60s
    • 70s or 80s
    • 90s or 00s
  • Question of

    Which of these do you experience the most when you listen to music?

    • Acoustics or symphonies
    • Beat drops or drums
    • Guitar solos or strong vocals
  • Question of

    Which of these adjectives best describe your music playlist?

    • Peaceful, Calm, Chill
    • Loud, Raw, Intense
    • Simple, Sentimental, Happy
  • Question of

    Choose from these iconic artists:

    • Beyonce
    • Frank Sinatra
    • Madonna
  • Question of

    A cross-country road trip means:

    • I’m letting the other people choose the music.
    • I’m playing DJ throughout the trip.
    • I’m hitting shuffle on my friend’s playlist.
  • Question of

    Who do you normally listen to music with?

    • At times no one and at other times with a few friends.
    • No one or a close friend.
    • Anyone I can fit into my livingroom.
  • Question of

    How important are the lyrics to you?

    • The lyrics are everything.
    • It all depends, but the music is always important.
    • Not important, I focus on the high energy of the song.
  • Question of

    When you first heard your favorite song, you:

    • Cried.
    • Had one of the best days of my life.
    • Thought that the artist was an understated genius.
  • Question of

    If you could purchase one instrument, what would it be?

    • A violin or flute
    • A guitar or drumset
    • A piano or keyboard

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