Which guy is for you?

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    Which type of hair do you prefer?

    • Simple, not too long, not reaaaallly short, no gel, not overly styled.
    • Messy, punk rock kinda thing
    • Super neat, not a hair out of place
    • A LOT of gel (Heaven help you if you choose this)
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    If you ran to him crying, what should/would he do?

    • Take you out and PARTY it away
    • Try and help you see the bright side
    • Look a bit lost, laugh at it, then leave:(
    • Make time for you to do something you like together to cheer you up
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    What sort of things should he like doing?

    • Watching funny shows, sports, and playing Fifa
    • Partying, going out with the guys and admiring himself
    • Reading books and studying
    • Sports and listening to rock music (typical guy)
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    If you were at a party, what would he do/be like?

    • Dance until morning
    • Have a good time with you!
    • Leave you for his guy pals
    • Edge into the corner, be silent and leave early
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    Do you think your friends would approve of him?

    • Not really..
    • They’d be crushing on him too!
    • Heck yeah! ( they MIGHT just like him too)
    • Meh.
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    If you and him were both free one day, what would you do?

    • Have a quiet talk over books and white coffee
    • Watch movies together on the sofa (+ popcorn only)
    • Go somewhere with ‘the guys’ too:(
    • Go to a concert or club!
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    If you were going to the cinema with him and you both wanted to watch different movies, would he let you choose?

    • Of course! Duh.
    • Yes.
    • Possibly…
    • No.
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    If he was with his friends at school and you walked up, would he talk to you too?

    • I guess, maybe…
    • He’s not really a friends type of guy.
    • I mean, duh! Yes! I’m friends with his friends too.
    • No.
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    You do realise this quiz is so you can go ‘boy scouting’ for your new perfect crush afterwards, right? Just checking.

    • Oh. Is that even legal?
    • Yes, now just hurry up?
    • Yup.
    • Just keep going already!
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    Finally, which type of boy would YOU prefer?

    • Jock, loves rock, typical guy. Super-hot!
    • Nerdy, quiet, not a popular guy, but understands you too. Speaks more to you than other people.
    • Cute/hot, funny, laughs with you, understands you.
    • Self-involved but hot. ‘Bros before hoes’, according to him. Rude!

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