Which Hogwarts Guy Is For You?


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    What qualities does a guy have to have?

    • Proud, defensive
    • Brave, loyal
    • Friendly, funny
    • Cunning, tough on the outside but sweet on the inside
    • Outgoing, social
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    What would your dream date look like?

    • Black hair, green eyes
    • Big, wiry
    • Blonde hair, sparkling grey eyes
    • Tall, red hair
    • Pompous, always beaming
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    What would your dream date talk about?

    • How scared he really is by the Dark Lord’s mission
    • All the latest gossip—what’s your take?
    • All the spectacular saves he has made in Quidditch–he’s really superb!
    • Anything you wanted to
    • Quidditch
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    Where would your dream date take you?

    • Honeydukes
    • For a tour of the Slytherin common room…and maybe of his dormitory:)
    • Probably a nice walk down by the lake
    • Maybe a Quidditch game… but he thinks you really shouldn’t spend too much time away from his best friend since he has no one else
    • A Quidditch game that he is playing in… lucky you, you get to watch him save goal after goal after goal…
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    Would your dream date have ever gone out with anyone else?

    • No he’s had this thing for one girl for like 6 years but never asked her out
    • I strongly suspect something with Hannah Abbott
    • I doubt he would have… no one appreciates him but me
    • Yeah he’s gone out with two
    • It doesn’t matter… he’d never tell me even if I asked…
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    What is your dream date’s greatest fear?

    • He’s too pompous to really see what he’s afraid of…maybe that’s why he acts like that, to cover fear
    • Voldemort
    • His father…but he would never admit it
    • Losing at Quidditch(this could probably be said for all boys in the wizard community but…)
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    What is your dream dates heart’s desire?

    • I don’t know, getting a really rare chocolate frog card?
    • To be noticed…. but all that’s over… his hearts desire is you.
    • To defeat Voldemort and live a normal life
    • To rid the world of Mudbloods…but this is the fear of Father talking
    • Winning Quidditch(*sigh*)
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    What does your dream date admire most about you?

    • The way I’m never intimidated by his father or the Dark Lord
    • My popularity, friendliness, and wit(and, of course, I’m pretty—-and VERY humble as you can see lol)
    • My cleverness
    • How many Quidditch games I’ll sit through…day after day after day…after day…after day…
    • My sweetness and kindness
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    Would he ever introduce you to his family?

    • I don’t know that he has family…. I suppose he considers his broomstick as a brother…
    • I’ve already met the lot— and there certainly are a LOT
    • Family? Who needs family? *cower* I TOLD you he was afraid of his father! Did ya HAVE to bring it up?
    • Well I’ve met Hannah Abbott whom he says he thinks of as “a sister” ha! Sister, my foot!
    • His closest thing to family are his best friends and yes you’ve met them several times.
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    And finally… Are you dating yet?

    • No:( he’s totally stuck on this ugly brainy girl…
    • Not yet but we will… he’s just broken up with his girlfriend and I KNOW I can make this work for me!
    • Dating, yes. Going out? Not a chance. Dating is fun… I can sneak out of his Quidditch games whenever I want…
    • Yes indeed… although… Hannah has been acting strangely… my boyfriend SWORE he was only comforting her over her mother’s death… oh that little @
    • Yes, but he has no time for me… maybe I dreamed it all… one second we were at the Yule Ball together and the next thing you know…he’s off with moaning myrtle… like, HONESTLY!

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