Which Ice Cream Flavor Are You?



There is almost no one (except some cave men) who dislikes ice-cream. Ice-creams are one of the most loved food items on the planet. The reason why they are loved so much is that there are tons of different flavors. There is just something for everyone.

Let us discuss some of the most loved ice-cream flavors of all time.

1.Vanilla – As you might have guessed this is the most loved ice-cream flavor. Vanilla has nothing unique of its own but the fact that it could blend so well with any other food item makes it special. It is one of the most common toppings of many of the desserts and treats. It is undoubtedly a champ.

2.Chocolate – It is the second most recognized and loved flavor when it comes to ice-creams. It might not be as good as vanilla but chocolate can also blend well with several dishes. It also has the advantage of having several variations like fudge swirl, mudslide, and many more, making it the perfect choice of foodies.

3.Cookies and Cream – It is one of the most trending flavors in the USA. If you take a closer look at it then you find it is nothing but vanilla with chunks of cookies. Don’t get me wrong it tastes awesome but it is not a very new flavor. There are also many variations to it making it loved by many.

4.Buttered Pecan

It is one of the most loved flavors of the Southern. It feels unique because it is a sharp contrast to the crunchy pecan pieces. It also has some variations that have their own fanbase.


Strawberry is a classic fruit flavor and is still loved by many. It serves great as a mixture with several desserts and milkshakes in particular.

There are tons of different flavors that are equally awesome in their own way. Comment down below your favorite flavor. Play the quiz to know which flavor are you like?

“Number of empty Ben & Jerry’s containers: 3 — two mint chocolate cookie, one plain vanilla. (Who buys plain vanilla ice cream from Ben & Jerry’s, anyway? Is there a greater waste?)”
― Ally Carter

“Like magic, she felt him getting nearer, felt it like a pull in the pit of her stomach. It felt like hunger but deeper, heavier. Like the best kind of expectation. Ice cream expectation. Chocolate expectation.”
― Sarah Addison Allen, The Sugar Queen

“This one is called “Chunky Munky”.’ Nadia stopped with the spoon halfway to her mouth. ‘But isn´t a monkey a small chattering Earth creature that lives in trees?’ she asked faintly. ‘Are … are you telling me I´m eating chunks of its flesh?’
‘Ugh.’ Sophia shivered. ‘What a thought! The poor monkeys!’
Nadia felt ill. ‘Is that why this stuff is called ‘I Scream?’ Because the animal screams when they make it into dessert?”
― Evangeline Anderson, Found

“Inej cleared her throat. “You do look a bit …”
“Enchanting,” said Matthias.
Nina was about to snap that she didn’t appreciate the sarcasm when she saw the expression on his face. He looked like someone had just given him a tuba full of puppies.
“You could be a maiden on the first day of Roennigsdjel.
“What is Roennigsdjel?” asked Kuwei.
“Some festival,” replied Nina. “I can’t remember. But I’m pretty sure it involves eating a lot of elk. Let’s go, you big goon—and I’m supposed to be your sister, stop looking at me like that.”
“Like what?”
“Like I’m made of ice cream.”
“I don’t care for ice cream.”
“Matthias,” Nina said, “I’m not sure we can continue to spend time together.” But she couldn’t quite keep the satisfaction from her voice. Apparently she was going to have to stock up on ugly knitwear.”
― Leigh Bardugo, Crooked Kingdom

“Personally, I like to mix and match–I prefer to get a couple of milk shakes, a banana split … a sundae or two. Then I top it off with a mocha chip in a cone. I don’t know why. I guess that’s like the dinner mint at the end of a meal to me. Know what I mean?”

Mary had to turn around again. Bitty was looking forward, her brows super-high, her little face the picture of surprise.

“He’s not kidding,” Mary murmured. “Even if you’re not into the ice cream, watching him eat all that is something to see.”
― J.R. Ward, The Beast

“Start the Quiz”

  • Question of

    Where would you love to go vacation?

    • A nice sunny beach
    • I’d head to the mountains
    • Theme park
    • Backpack across Europe
    • I’m not sure
  • Question of

    Who would you most like to take out for ice cream?

    • My significant other
    • My parents
    • My best friend
    • A sibling
    • I’m not sure
  • Question of

    How would you describe yourself?

    • Serious
    • Mysterious
    • Adventurous
    • Sweet
    • Loyal
    • Other
  • Question of

    How do you prefer to eat your ice cream?

    • In a milkshake
    • In a cone
    • On a stick
    • In a bowl
    • Out of the carton
  • Question of

    How many scoops of ice cream do you like?

    • One scoop
    • Two scoops
    • Three scoops
    • Four scoops
    • Five scoops or more
  • Question of

    Choose a topping for your ice cream

    • Hot fudge
    • Nuts
    • Sprinkles
    • Cookie crumbs
    • No topping
  • Question of

    What’s the ideal summer temperature for you?

    • 60 degrees
    • 65 degrees
    • 70 degrees
    • 75 degrees
    • 80 degrees or higher
  • Question of

    When you’re on a date and it’s time to order dessert, you order:

    • Baked Alaska
    • Plain ice cream
    • Coffee
    • Chocolate cake
    • Other
  • Question of

    Would you say you have an outgoing personality?

    • Definitely
    • Somewhat
    • Not really
  • Question of

    What’s your sense of style?

    • Classic
    • Girly
    • Casual
    • Unique
    • Other
  • Question of

    You would consider yourself:

    • The little mouse that does whatever my boss tells me to do
    • The jokester!
    • I try to live life to its fullest
    • The hard worker
  • Question of

    In pictures, you are a

    • The silly person who sticks my tongue out or sports bunny ears
    • The one who always blinks at the wrong moment
    • The normal one
    • The one with the winning smile
  • Question of

    What’s the first thing you do when you get home?

    • Start making dinner
    • Check on my pets
    • Pour myself a drink
    • I begin meditating
  • Question of

    Out of these movies, which would you rather watch?

    • A chick-flick
    • Action
    • Anything Pixar, DreamWorks or Disney
    • An old Western
  • Question of

    When was the last time you cried?

    • I’m not afraid to show my emotions
    • Just yesterday… I’m somewhat emotionally volatile
    • I’m normally the one to comfort the crying
    • Hardly ever

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